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27 Mar '18

Try Balayage To Look Like A Sun Kissed Goddess

Posted by ISA Professional

Stay Out Of The Chair For Longer With These Balayage Looks

Sun Kissed Beauty- ISA Professional

Have you ever heard the word balayage and wondered what it meant? You've probably seen it tied with pictures so you know it has to do with blonde hair but you have no idea why every celebrity is obsessed with it. I was the same and did some research and what I found, I loved. Balayage is a French word that translates to 'to sweep' or 'to paint'. This isn't a new technique but it's been gaining popularity lately and it's not hard to see why. Instead of using highlights and foils, balayage allows the stylist to apply the color wherever they want by free handing the dye. This is awesome for anyone that wants to have blonde accents in their hair without having to go to the beauty salon often. By getting a balayage look, you let the stylist take control and decide where the dye looks best on your hair. You can choose to be blonder by asking for more on the front and less in the back but if you realy want your balayage to last a long time, ask the stylist to barely touch your roots. This way, as your hair grows out, there isn't a noticable line between the blonde and your hair growth. Below are some of my favorite balayage looks, please use them for your next hair inspo!

Classic Balayage


A post shared by kelsforbeauty (@kelsforbeauty) on


A gorgeous golden blend of that effortlessly goes from dark to bright

Chocolate Balayage


A post shared by @hairbykas (@hairbykas) on

This balayage look by @hairbykas is stunning for anyone that wants to stay a brunette but still have a pop of lighter tones. Notice how she left a large part her natural color and added the tones at the bottom of the hair. This gives her client less maintenance to worry about.

Icy Balayage


A post shared by MAKEUP | HAIR | BROWS | MODEL (@tamiramae) on

Silver and icy blondes are in style right now so you know that @tamiramae made the look her own by giving her client an icy balayage hairstyle! She combined bright silver and grey to create this gorgeous look and I can't stop looking at it!

Peachy Balayage


A post shared by #StyleByCem (@cemgumush) on

Want something more toned down since blonde isn't your style? No worries, @cemgumush is here to save the day. This peachy balayage is so pretty and soft looking. The mixture of the tones combined gives this look so much dimension!

Shadow Root Balayage


A post shared by ÖMER ÖZDEMIR (@salon_58) on

This is a perfect example of leaving the mayority of the blonde for the bottom part of the hair. This hairdo by @salon_58 focused on giving the client light blonde tones and extremely dark roots. 

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