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11 May '18

Hair Color Choices Have You Torn? Let The Rainbow Inspire You!

Posted by ISA Professional

Let The Rainbow Help You Decide Which Fantasy Color To Try

Rainbow Colors- ISA Professional

It's not easy making up your mind when it comes to changing your look, even more so when choosing a fantasy color. While some people may choose a short hairstyle or a new braid to change it up, you're here because you've decided (or at least, almost fully decided) to take the plunge into the fantasy hair world. We're in 2018 and fun colored hair is a trend you don't want to miss out on but, which look should you go with? Even though it's in style right now doesn't mean you see many bright colored heads where you live and here is where the internet comes in. Let the professionals show you the work they've created; it's the best way to find that perfect color for you! I like to look at different hairstylists' work and imagine a rainbow in action. I don't get to see them often but when I do, I like to take a break and take it all in. After all, nature provides us with so many beautiful sights and colors, why not take inspiration from it for your new look? The following stylists are true artists who are inspired by the color work you want for yourself on a daily basis. So, after checking them all out, which color will you go with?

Purple Hued


A post shared by Las Vegas Vividhair Mermaid (@chemicalkellee) on


This purple hairstyle by @chemicalkellee is so gorgeous! She used different hues of purple to achieve this look, giving it a nice dimension in the sunlight. By leaving a little root exposed, she helps ground the style, making it perfect for anyone who doesn't want bleach touching their scalp directly.

Green Hued


A post shared by Presley Poe (@presleypoe) on


If you're looking for a hair color that leaves others green with envy, look no further than @presleypoe and this stunning style. She also used different hues to achieve this complete look and I just can't stop looking at it! The sleek, straight style compliments this hair color perfectly but remember to always use high-quality flat irons to protect your treated hair!

Indigo Hued


A post shared by Arizona Hairstylist (@emilyandersonstyling) on


Whether you have long or short hair doesn't matter, what matters is being confident with the color you picked and @emilyandersonstyling is an expert in making her clients extra happy with their choice! Not only is she known for her chic pixie cuts, she is also a master in color and this blue makeover is proof of that. She decided to create a color melt where the fuschia meets the indigo and I  am officially in love!

Pink Hued


A post shared by Huntington Beach Hair Yoda! (@hairbyfranco) on


Pastel colors are so lovely, especially when it's done with a skilled hand like @hairbyfranco. This pink-hued transformation is well thought out, from the different color placements to the intricate braids. This would make a great look for a special occasion like a wedding or your next birthday!

Full On Rainbow


A post shared by Shayla 🇺🇿🇺🇸🏝 (@samirasjewelry) on


Still feeling undecided after all these awesome looks? Why not take the whole rainbow and place it on your locks for the world to admire? I adore this full on rainbow look by @samirasjewelry, it's so feminine and creative! She chose to keep this style mostly blonde with different colorful hues swirling together in harmony and that braid work is just perfect.

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