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27 Sep '16

Achieving Perfect Curls & Keeping Them Beautiful

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Steps to Gorgeous Curly Hair

Gorgeous Curly Blonde Hair ISA Professional

I remember I used to resent my curly hair when I was younger and I knew many friends who went through the same thing. We all had to deal with the ever dreaded frizz that would occur on a daily basis, especially with the humid weather that surrounded us all year long. Who with curly hair didn’t go through the ordeal of having your mother or grandma insist on going through your hair with a, *gasp* brush! Not one of these new amazing straightening brushes either; no heat, no warm bristles just pure tug and pull.

Your relatives couldn’t let you leave the house without using some instrument to comb your hair and you would have to deal with your poof ball for the rest of the day, constantly wetting it to try to tame it. Obviously they meant well, but this was before everyone had internet access, the tool we now use to research and educate ourselves on pretty much any topic in the world. The internet helped me figure out exactly what to do to make my curls work for me, not against me. Being finally able to appreciate my curls was a great feeling; I finally knew what to do and use and it’s just routine now. If you still haven’t found out what works for your hair, or just want to pick up a new tip, read on to find different ways to get the best out of your curly locks! 

Co-Washing Is Your New Best Friend 

Deep Conditioner ISA Professional

Co-washing means to skip shampoo completely and just condition to get the most moisture into your hair follicles. By doing this, your curls will look and feel healthier; I tried it and absolutely love the results! I prefer to use a shampoo once in a while but you can be part of the no-shampoo (no-poo) community if you feel like your hair is extremely dry. If you do decide to sometimes use shampoo, keep in mind that sulfates are curly hair’s worst enemy. Make sure your hair products are 100% sulfate free, since sulfates are harsh and can leave curly hair feeling and looking dry.

Use a Wide Tooth Comb (NOT Brush) and A T-Shirt On Wet Hair

Gorgeous Curly Har with Volume ISA Professional

With curly hair, the best way to de-tangle and style it, is when it’s very wet. A great way to ensure you don’t forget to do this is to always use a wide tooth comb in the shower, with conditioner still in your hair. Rinse off the conditioner when you’re done and use a T-shirt to dry it off, instead of a towel. A T-shirt is not as rough as a towel and will reduce frizz considerably. Stay away from brushes because they break curly hair easily and will produce more frizz. Instead, use a wide tooth comb and start from the bottom, the tips, then work your way up to the roots. This also reduces the breakage that can damage curls so much.  

Always Use A Diffuser With Your Blow Dryer

Beautiful Curls ISA Professional

Curly hair is easily damaged if the proper steps aren’t taken when using a blow dryer. While you may love the way your hair looks after a blow out, you should avoid using a blow dryer daily. Instead, pick the day you want your hair to look its best and use dry shampoo in between blow outs to protect your hair. Diffusers are a must have when using a blow dryer! They help distribute the hot air evenly through your hair instead of letting it blow in a direct stream. Just twist small strands of your hair with your fingers and place the diffuser on your hair. It's a good idea to leave the tips for last, since these dry quicker than the rest of the hair.

Lastly, don’t forget to use heat protection before using any heat styling tool, it will save you a lot of grief and haircuts in the future!


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