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06 Dec '16

Tips For Achieving A Clutter Free Mind

Posted by ISA Professional in managing stress, stress releif

Calm Your Mind From Everyday Noise with These Activities 

Woman Feeling Stressed Out | ISA Professional

How many times have you thought you needed a break from the everyday noise of school, work, errands, and everything else in between? It’s common to be so focused on your goals and responsibilities that you barely give yourself some ‘me’ time. But believe me, it’s time that changed. Even though it’s important to follow through with your to-do list, it’s just as important to give your mind and body a break from it all, once in a while. You may think you have superpowers that allow you to do it all and still be happy, but relaxing and calming your mind will make you see what you were missing. By taking some time to pamper yourself, you will see how your productivity and peace of mind are related. You will have more energy and feel more relaxed to take on whatever the day brings your way by finding an activity that calms or soothes you. Below, I’ll share my favorite ways of get a clutter free mind. If you feel like your schedule doesn’t allow you to do anything like this, reconsider, and make time. Your peace of mind comes first; you can’t be productive and helpful if you’re overwhelmed!  

Listen to Music 

Woman Listening To Music To Relax | ISA Professional

Music is such a therapeutic tool; it can help us feel nostalgic, happy, calm and sometimes even sad. I find that music is an amazing way to de-clutter my mind, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Whether you listen to an old song that reminds you of happy times from your past, or decide to listen to a new artist you’ve been meaning to check out; music will help you feel better. Studies have shown that music can play a large role for anyone feeling stressed or depressed and I am so grateful to have so much amazing music to choose from. Now, you may feel tempted to multitask and listen to music while you work or do another chore from your list... DON'T! Listen to music with or without headphones but don’t add anything else to it, unless you find it calming. I like to dance while I listen to my music and just stay in the moment. You’ll feel your stress just ooze away! 


Woman Enjoying Yoga To Relax | ISA Professional

Yoga is an activity I recently started practicing and it has helped my mental health so much! Yoga has so many benefits; it helps lower blood pressure and stress, helps you become more flexible, increases muscle strength, helps you lose weight and even improves your circulatory and heart health! If you feel a bit intimidated from the yoga pictures you’ve seen on Instagram, don’t worry. All of these incredible yogis had to start somewhere; you just have to be determined to start and you’ll see how much easier it gets every time you practice. You can look up beginner yoga videos on the internet, or if you prefer a teacher, find a yoga class near you. Whether you practice yoga at home or in a group class, you will start feeling the relaxing effects after your first session. Having a clutter free mind is what defines yoga and I’m sure you’ll find yourself looking forward to your yoga ‘me’ time! 


Woman Reading A Book To Relax | ISA Professional

My family taught me to love and respect books from a very early age, showing me how amazing it is to just get lost in a story. My love for books has only gotten stronger through the years, leading me to get out of my comfort zone and try new genres and authors. Whether it’s fiction, non fiction, fantasy, history or even comics, just find something that interests you and take some time during the week to just sit down and read. My clutter filled mind is no match against a book; it helps me disconnect from the world and immerse myself in a new one. I like to take advantage of this ‘me’ time by making myself a snack and applying deep conditioner on my hair. Try to do this once a week to have shiny hair and be relaxed, at the same time! If you need more reasons, reading also helps you expand your vocabulary, improve your memory retention and give you better analytical skills! So dust off that book that you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t had time for, and make some, even if it isn’t much. Remember, you don’t have to finish the book in one sitting but you’ll never finish what you don’t start! 

 Woman Feeling Relaxed and Happy | ISA Professional

What do you like to do to relax and de-clutter your mind? Let me know in the comments!


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