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19 Dec '19

Holiday Makeup Looks You've Probably Never Tried Before

Posted by ISA Professional

Stand Out With These 5 Christmas Makeup Styles

Beautiful Woman In Red Dress For Christmas | ISA Professional

The Holiday's are coming up and with it comes many parties and activities with your loved ones and co workers. It's the time of the year to let the stresses of the year fall away for a bit and allow yourself to just enjoy the music filled moments that the month brings. Christmas also brings the stresses of figuring out what to wear or what makeup to try, for all these upcoming get togethers. Since you're already wondering what to wear, we'll help out by showing you some of our favorite looks for the Holidays. Be warned, these makeup looks are not for the shy; in fact, these Christmas looks will probably end up all over your friends' camera (in the best way!). Check out these five gorgeous looks and let us know which one you'll be going with this December!

Silver Glow

A post shared by Martha Butterworth (@marthamakeupartist) on

Minimalist eye looks are so beautiful and this metallic style by @marthamakeupartist is one of our favorites. She made the lids glowy and crystal clear, leaving the silver eyeliner to do the heavy lifting. Adding some soft lines in unexpected places really make this look stand out, with almost no color needed.

Holiday Goth

A post shared by Chloe Young (@chloeybeauty) on

We go from a minimalist style to a bolder and darker look by @chloeybeauty Look how she created an ombre effect between the very dramatic black and traditional red. It results in this stunning Holiday look, ideal for anyone that loves to incorporate black in their style (even their lips!). Who says you can't use black makeup in December? Follow your personal style and you can't go wrong.

Glitter Tinsel

A post shared by Elizabeth Esparza (@elizabethesparzaa) on

Most of us have a preference when it comes to glitter in our makeup; maybe you use glitter for special occasions or maybe you rock glitter daily. Either way, this Christmas look by @elizabethesparzaa is all kinds of beautiful and we're sure you'll feel special wearing it any day of the year. Using the traditional red and green glitter eye shadow on the lids and leaving the matte hues on the crease help balance this look out and we want it now.

Lit Up Cateye

A post shared by Jessica (@jessica.mue__) on

How much do you love Christmas lights? Was your answer "very, very much"? Then this look by @jessica.mue_is the one you should show off during the Holidays! Now, this look takes practice and a steady hand but just look at the payoff. Plus, that golden cateye just makes this even more lovely (we suggest practicing the winged eyeliner first).

Chic Elf

A post shared by KATE (@kjellys.makeupartist) on

The last Christmas makeup look by @kjellys.makeupartist takes someone with a skilled hand, that understands how to use every brush in their beauty arsenal. The candy caned lips, the pastel green eyebrows and the blending of the eye shadow colors are all perfect! You don't have to use elf ear add on's if you don't want to, but you have to admit, this Christmas look is outstandingly pretty.

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