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03 Apr '19

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Posted by ISA Professional

Five Cleaning Beauty Tips That Will Make You Feel Refreshed


Woman Enjoying A Walk In Spring Time | ISA Professional


There’s just something about spring that inspires us to give everything a good clean - and our beauty routine shouldn’t be left out. We’ve all been bundled into coats and kept indoors breathing the same stale air for months. A deep clean is just the thing to chase away dust and dirt, allergens and dander, tired looks and old products - and we’ve got five tips below on how to spring clean your beauty routine.


KonMari Your Beauty Products

Woman Thinking Of Her Spring Beauty Cleaning | ISA Professional


When spring cleaning your beauty routine, take the opportunity to KonMari your beauty products. Of course, you should discard all those products that have expired - we explained in “Beauty Product Safety” that you should check for the Period After Opening illustration (a little jar with the lid off) on your products and follow those time guidelines. Once you’ve gotten rid of everything that’s out of date, consider what you have left - do all of your products spark joy or have a sensible function in your beauty routine? Dump what you’re not enjoying anymore (even if it’s just the smell of a product that bothers you) along with what’s not working for your body. Consider this process a guilt-free zone - using something you don’t enjoy just because you spent money on it is not living your best life.


(If you’ve barely used the product - and depending on what it is - see if any of your friends would like to take it off your hands.)



Clean Your Tools


Woman Cleaning Her Makeup Brush | ISA Professional


While you’re thinking about getting your carpets cleaned or your floors waxed, don’t forget about cleaning your makeup applicators and other beauty tools. Clean your makeup brushes with a gentle face soap and warm water. If you use a face brush, go ahead and replace the bristle head; if you replaced it recently, just settle for cleaning it with a nonsoap cleanser and warm water. Make sure you clean your hairbrush as well, and give your flat iron some TLC - when your hair straightener is completely cool, you can use a barely damp cloth to gently remove any product buildup and wipe down your flat iron’s plates. Wipe the rest of it down with a warm, damp cloth.


Bulk Up Your UV Protection


Woman Applying SPF Moisturizer On Her Face | ISA Professional


With longer days here at last, you’ll no doubt be tempted to spend more time outside - soaking up the sun, getting enough Vitamin D, and enjoying not being cooped up in the stale, stuffy indoors. In order to enjoy these longer, lighter days, it’s important that you’re using an appropriate level of SPF protection in your beauty products. For the best sun protection coverage, try using a moisturizing sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 before putting the rest of your makeup on for the day. And don’t forget the endless fashionable delights of hats and gauzy scarves to protect hair and skin on breezy spring days.


Lighten Up Your Makeup


Beautiful Eyeshadow Makeup For Spring | ISA Professional


Winter is often the time for deep colors and jewel tone shades; once spring arrives, it’s time to lighten up and welcome brighter colors back into your makeup palette. Glitter is still in, so don’t be afraid to use it with a lively eyeshadow in blue or pink. Play with colored mascara - go for pink lashes with an accompanying pink liner for an especially bright-eyed look. If you’re feeling whimsical, extend your eye liner into bold wings in your chosen bright shades. And don’t forget to try out the bitten lip look with your lip color darker in the middle of your lips, fading out toward your natural lip color at the edges.


Prepare Your Hair


Woman Applying Heat Protecting Spray On Her Hair | ISA Professional


You may have thought that deep nourishing hair care was only for the dry days of winter - but you’re going to want to take some protective steps for spring, too. The sun can be as harsh on your hair as it is on your skin, causing damage that dulls your hair's appearance and leads to crunchy locks. If you color your hair, the sun is also the enemy of long-lasting color. Look for hair mists, sprays, or lotions that provide UV protection - you can even look for a product that also provides heat protection when you’re styling with your flat iron. Keeping your hair healthy with the proper protection will also ensure you’re ready to get those highlights for celebrating all these longer spring days.


There’s plenty to do and plenty to enjoy about spring cleaning your beauty routine. Don’t forget to take one day early in the season for some serious self-indulgence. Pamper yourself - get your hair trimmed, spend some time at the spa, get a facial and a mani-pedi. Your body and soul will thank you.

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