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26 Feb '18

5 Pink Hairstyles To Try In 2018

Posted by ISA Professional

Pretty in Pink!

 Pink and Purple Dye | ISA Professional

I'm no color professional but if I had to guess, pink is one of the most popular colors in the world. It's flattering, easy on the eyes and is an option in almost every bra and clothing company. Pink also brings to mind the animes I watch from time to time; the heroine with the pink hair is always so cute! If you're a Hello Kitty lover, I don't need to say more on the topic because pink is just her signature style. The hue is all around us and while some may not love it, it's here to stay. Now, are your merchandise and clothes not enough to show your obsession with pink? Then, let me show you these stunning pink hair makeovers so you can really show the world how much you commit to your favorite color!

Rainbow Pink




Pink is the foundation to this look and the rest of the rainbow colors look so gorgeous! I can see this style in a music festival, dancing the night away as you rock your unicorn tresses! I have to say, @stylistricardosantiago really blew me away with these color combinations!

Orchid Pixie




If you love scrolling through your Instagram feed and can't get enough of hairstyle pics, then you already know the amazing @emilyandersonstyling. She is extremely talented and this short orchid pixie style is too perfect! This hue is a combination of pink and purple and immediately brings to mind flowers in bloom, love it!

Barbie Pink




It's hard to find a little girl that isn't obsessed with Barbie and all the accessories and dresses that come with her lifestyle. Barbie is a powerhouse when it comes to rocking pink looks and her pastel tone is known all around the world. This hair makeover by @styled_by_carolynn is perfect for the modern Barbie girl in 2018!

Electric Pink

 Deep Pink Hairstyle

Pastel and rainbow pinks still not what you imagined? Check out @jaymz.marsters awesome neon pink creation and look no further. This color is cranking up the brightness settings and refuses to be ignored; I need this hot pink in my life! This color would look lovely with a white dress and some black boots, what do you think?

Duo Pinks

 Duo of Pinks Hairstyle

Looking for more inspiration? Luckily, there are many talented hairstylists here to show us the way to our perfect look. One of them is definitely @cozmic.color; by choosing two tones of pink, she really gave it more dimension! Just tell your stylist the two pink hues you're into and let them work their magic!

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