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10 Nov '17

Perfume Trends 2017: Signature Scent is Part of Your Signature Style

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Favorite Scents 2017

When you’re rocking great hair, a fantastic outfit and maybe even makeup that’s got you feeling yourself—there’s one last component to complete your personal presentation. Fragrance! Whether you use perfume, scented lotion, or even just body wash, your scent plays a part in portraying the essence of who you are (or maybe just who you’d like to be on any given day). Scent is one more tool in your personal image arsenal, and it can be fun to play with: you can choose a signature scent, or collect a variety of perfumes to transform yourself depending on your whims.  

Popular Trends

Girl in Lavender Field | ISA Professional

Up until recently, many of the major trends in perfumes were tied closely to celebrity images. Everyone from Katy Perry to Snooki to Nicki Minaj debuted their own personal perfume brands, trying to sell consumers on choosing to emulate another’s image instead of creating their own. Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little bit of Nicki Minaj’s confidence or Elizabeth Taylor’s classiness to rub off on you via the fragrances they endorsed. But it can be so much more fun to discover what fragrance notes really complement your personal body chemistry and capture your signature lifestyle!

As we move into the fall months of 2017, refreshing citrus or riotous floral top notes are giving way to warm sugars, deep woods, and sophisticated florals. These seasonal shifts play well with the cooler weather, often provoking thoughts of spicy warmth or a hint of comfortable coziness. You’ll find a profusion of fragrances featuring vanilla, honey, black pepper, jasmine, and woods such as oak, mahogany, and cedar on the market right now.

Signature Scents

 Let’s get down to the fun stuff—what do your fragrance choices say about you?

FLORAL: Those who choose floral perfumes are likely to embrace timeless grace and classic style. It takes confidence to walk among the flowers, letting their heady fragrance waft around you like a verdant breeze. Of course, specific flower notes speak volumes in themselves - roses for the romantic, lavender for the calm, jasmine for the wild. We could go on, but you get the idea!

Lavender | ISA Professional

FRUITY: Wearing a perfume topped with fruity notes? You probably want to be on vacation! Or maybe you’re just the local snark, ready for everyone to notice the bite to your mood and the edge to your smile. Tropical berries provoke images of sandy beaches and cocktails with little umbrellas and plastic swords skewering fruit. It’s the bright tang of bergamot, and the zest of taking life’s lemons and making them yours. Which you’re ready to do. While on vacation.

WOODSY: If you’re decked out in sandalwood or cedarwood or oud wood (lucky!), you’re likely a self-starter who’s always getting things done—and you don’t flinch from life’s challenges either. You might even be a tad mysterious, with people assuming you’re down to earth, possibly because you remind them of temple incense or a campfire in a crisp wood.

SPICY: Fond of perfumes best described as “musky” or “spicy”? Aren’t you the open-minded extrovert! Scents that are based in musk or revel in notes of patchouli, black pepper, nutmeg, or even cinnamon are captivating smells sure to enthrall an audience—which is just what the spicy perfume wearer is looking for!

SWEET: When your sweet tooth or comfort cravings rule the day, you may find yourself reaching for those fragrances defined by vanilla, honey, molasses, and other words just as likely to be describing desserts. These deeply absorbing scents invite confidences, provoke smiles, and promise a touch of serotonin to all who sniff them.

CLEAN: Lovers of clean perfume scents are also likely to know the word petrichor and think it smells amazing. They’re not even necessarily Doctor Who fans! Whether you’re dabbing on a fragrance that perfectly captures just-washed linen or one that summons the spirit of a breeze off the sea, you’re powerful, you’re in control, and you’re sharp-eyed with a wit that cuts like a knife.

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Whatever people think of these scents in general, the most important thoughts are your own. Choose a scent that suits and inspires you—choose a whole collection of them, arrayed in beautiful bottles in your boudoir—layer them on and develop a fragrance as individual as you are. (Want to know how perfume works?) What’s important in the scent you choose is what makes you feel confident or sexy or creative—whatever mood you’re going for. So tell us: what’s your signature scent?


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