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15 Sep '16

Our Latest Makeup Crush : Hosway

Posted by ISA Professional in Hosway, makeup seminars

Hosway, Supremely Talented Makeup Artist

It's not secret the we love makeup and spend way too much time checking out looks and MUAs on Instagram. However, one thing we appreciate more than a great makeup look is a prolific makeup artist. One of our favorite MUAs, because of his ability with a brush and wonderful knack for teaching is Hosway Morbak. Not only are his looks amazing, Hosway himself is all about glam and he shows it perfectly. His makeup seminars are some of the most coveted in the US and they happen nationwide from LA to Miami. If you want to learn all the best tips, hacks and techniques, you just have to follow Hosway!

Makeup Seminars

Keep your eyes peeled for a seminar near you! We love his seminars we are currently sponsoring his LA class. VIP attendees will each get a free Xanadu 24K Gold Serum and Makeup Primer.



Makeup Looks

Here are some of our fave looks by Hosway, from Ancient Rome to the Streets of LA his looks bring glamour to everything!


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