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06 Dec '17

Neon Hairstyles That Will Take Your Breath Away

Posted by ISA Professional

5 Looks For Those Who Want To Brighten Up The Room

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There are many ways to stand out in any ocassion; wearing a bold lipstick color, trying out those 6" heels you've been too scared to go out in, bringing in your secret famous 7 layer dip. Another great way to make sure you're the hit of the party is to wear your hair in an unexpected way. While braids and updos are fun, let's take it up a notch and allow me to introduce neon hair! Neon hair is all over the internet and I love it! It proves that your hair is the perfect accessory and to just have fun with it, just let it speak on its own. Not only is neon hair an immediate conversation starter, it's also practical in terms of fantasy colors. That's because the lighter the hair color, the faster the fade. So, if you're still wondering whether to get that bright pink or that pastel rose you've always loved, neon is the way to go for its longevity. Which of these 5 neon styles are you loving the most? Would you try the neon trend?

Neon Bubblegum

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Pink is one of my favorite colors and @guy_tang is one of my favorite stylists for brightly colored hair! Look at this beautiful neon bubblegum hairstyle; it reminds me of when I was young and wanted to look just like the anime characters. Revolutionary Girl Utena definitely comes to mind and I want it!

Neon Swirl


Blue and green go so well together and @thehairygodmotherr knows it! I love the way she styled these swirls of color into a fauhawk; she looks ready for an electronic music festival and I want to tag along!

Neon Unicorn


When you have trouble trying to figure out which color is best for you and your skin tone, the neon unicorn look by @garrettkenroach is here to save your day! Warning: this style is not for the faint of heart; I mean, just look at how it glows!

Neon Undercut


More multicolored goodness here by @hairbymisskellyo and I can't get enough! This hairstyle joins the unicorn look with a modern undercut styled into flowers. If this hairdo doesn't bring up a conversation, nothing will!

Neon Mohawk


Unicorn colors and an undercut still not enough for your wild personality? Then check out @hairbyhannahj glow in the dark mohawk! This style is gorgeous and I adore how the patterns shine so brightly. It makes me happy just looking at it, this haircut is so chic!

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