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15 Mar '17

ISA Professional Hair Stylist: Emily Anderson!

Posted by ISA Professional in hair stylist

Get to Know ISA Professional Hair Stylist

Emily Anderson

Admit it; we all love checking out Instagram to get the latest inspiration. Whether it’s with makeup, fashion or our area of expertise, hair, you can always count on finding a picture that gets your interest. You scroll and heart many pictures of talented artist’s work but once in a while there’s one that stands out, and Emily Anderson (@emilyandersonstyling) is definitely one of those stylists! Her beautiful feed was filled with so many hair inspirations and amazing shots of her hair creations (like her pixie cuts that many of us considered rocking, but only if she held the scissors).  

We are now happy to announce that Emily Anderson is an official ISA Professional Stylist and to celebrate, we wanted to share with you the gorgeous #flatironcurls that she is so well known for! Her personal favorite is our titanium flat iron; its tapered tip and rounded sides make it perfect to create those signature flat iron curls. Be sure to follow her and show her some love.



This video is perfect if you want to learn the correct way of achieving these beautiful flat iron curls. We know that Emily makes it look easy and you may get frustrated as you learn, but keep at it and watch yourself improve. Remember, our flat iron’s design is perfect for this soft look and really, after seeing her end results, you know it’s completely worth the practice!



This photo is a great example of Emily’s talent: a stylish pixie cut, pink color work and once again, flat iron curls created with our titanium flat iron! We love colorful, bold looks and this pink would be so much fun to try out. It also highlights how flat iron curls can be possible with short hair, too! 



Another amazing pixie cut styled with our titanium hair straightener, this time a bit shorter and just as awesome. We suspect that after seeing her creations, it’ll make you consider getting a chic pixie cut too! 

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