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29 Jul '20

Jump Into A Green Lifestyle With These Hair Makeovers

Posted by ISA Professional

5 Green Hairstyles To Shine Out

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Brightly colored hairstyles can be so much fun, especially when you have so many different colors to choose from. For today, let's focus on several green hues and see which one of them stand out to you. Remember, if you choose to board the fantasy hair train, get ready to stand out wherever you go. Even though fantasy hair has become more accepted, it's difficult to pass by a green hairstyle and not keep your eyes on it for more than usual. No worries, that's part of it! If you enjoy meeting new people, then this bold hair choice is perfect for you. Now, sit back and let the professional's show you how green hair is done!

Monochromatic Green

A post shared by San Diego ☀️ Hair 🎨 PULPRIOT 🌈 (@hannahdisconnected) on

When you fall in love with a particular hair color, you just know. Not all of us are so decisive but for those who are, going with a monochromatic hair color is great choice! Just look at @hannahdisconnected and her beautiful single green hued client- she had a vision for a look, made it happen and gave us more hair goals!

Forest Vibes

A post shared by Guy Tang® (@guy_tang) on

Looking for a green haired makeover that is a little more muted? Is that look even possible? Fear not, @guy_tang is here to show us how darker tones can save the day. This hair color is giving off some forest vibes and the dark roots help the end result. Finish off this green look with some large, gorgeous curls and call it a success.

Green Rainbows

A post shared by Denver Hair Colorist🌹Isabelle (@isabellerosehair) on

Now, not everyone wants a darker tone or a single colored look. Some of us want a bright and multi colored path for our new hairstyle and this hairdo by @isabellerosehair is a wonderful direction to go in. She ensured that green was the main attraction but allowed the other colors of the rainbow to soak in the success.

Split Green

A post shared by Pulp Riot Kasey O’Hara (@hairbykaseyoh) on

If you're searching for a hair transformation that will match your constant creativity, then go with this hairstyle by @hairbykaseyoh. Instead of mixing your favorite colors together to make a rainbow, she split the hair colors and allowed the green to take fifty percent of the attention. This is such a fun look and will definitely make some heads turn as you go past!

Emerald Color Melt

A post shared by Hair by Milly🧜🏼‍♀️ (@hairby_milly_mermaid) on

A popular hair coloring technique called the color melt has taken over salons everywhere. This technique is on perfect display through this creation by @hairby_milly_mermaid and thanks to her, we can see why it's so popular. Pick another color to match your green goals and let your stylist work their magic by joining two colors together seamlessly.

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