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24 Dec '18

Perfect Beauty Products As Holiday Gifts

Posted by ISA Professional

Give The Gift Of Beauty These Holidays

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The holiday shopping season is in full swing! If you participate in gift-giving, you’re probably feeling the pressure now: agonizing over what to get a loved one or feeling like the most lost Secret Santa ever. Happily, we can help with some of that - if you’re giving beauty products this holiday season, we’ve got the strategies you need to choose the right gifts.

Pay Attention to What They Love

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First, follow the first tenet of friendship: pay attention to what your giftee likes! Every day you see your friend is an opportunity for gift-giving recon, from catching a whiff of their favorite shampoo wafting off their hair to admiring their perfectly drawn cat eye or stunning shade of lipstick. When you notice they seem to favor the same product often, or constantly have perfectly styled hair, ask them about it - try to get the brand name and product line (or color) as appropriate. You can pretend you just want it for yourself, but sneakily be plotting the best holiday gift ever.

Be sure to keep your list updated when they mix it up, and have conversations about the beauty industry. You wouldn’t want to accidentally purchase them something from a brand they can’t ethically support, for example. These chats can provide great bonding opportunities with your friend, too, as you learn more about each other and maybe even pick up some new recommendations for your own beauty routine.

Discover What They Want

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Of course, your friend might be eager to try a new product that they haven’t had the chance to buy for themselves yet. Maybe they don’t have the cash to spend when it comes to more luxury products or haven’t worked themselves up to buying something in a brilliant and unconventional color. Whatever the reason, giving a holiday gift is one of the best excuses to indulge your friend and their passions! (As long as it fits into your own budget; going into debt over holiday gifts is not a good look for your pocketbook.)

How do you find out what they want? That’s super easy! (Barely an inconvenience.) Check for any wishlists they might have, whether on certain large online retailers or at specific beauty retailer sites. You could also go on beauty shopping trips with them and check out what they’re interested in but don’t buy.

Don’t Fear the Gift Card

 Woman Giving A Gift For The Holidays | ISA Professional

I know that some of us might feel that the gift card is a lazy choice, but it’s not! When you’re not totally sure what your giftee would enjoy the most, a gift card is a valid choice. You can make it feel special by purchasing one from their favorite beauty retailer and pairing it with brand-relevant packaging - wrap a small box in the colors of their favorite brand, and print out a copy of the logo to paste on the outside. You can nestle the gift card inside the box in delicate tissue paper.

If you want to maximize their choices, don’t buy a card from a particular retailer - research options for prepaid cards that aren’t locked to a specific store. Pair it with the perfect gift card and sentiment that you hope they’ll indulge their beauty cravings.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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Are you responsible for filling some stockings from (secretly stylish) Santa? How lucky! When you’re limited to small gifts, you have the perfect opportunity to select an assortment of trial sizes of beauty products across the spectrum - providing an indulgent smorgasbord for your giftee. You can snag shampoo and conditioner samples to help her find that next great hair routine, and throw in a few K-beauty face masks while you’re at it. Don’t forget to choose a couple of different aromatherapy lotions or even beneficial argan oil.

Lip products are perfect for stockings too, although those can get a little pricey - stick to one you know they’ll love. If they love to play with a ton of different makeup looks, consider a fun and funky set of new application brushes. If they’ve been dying to dye their hair, you could gift them some hair chalk or similar temporary coloring products. Don’t forget the wide world of hair decorations from clips to combs to wraps either! See? Having the opportunity to fill a stocking is a gift in itself. (Or maybe that’s just me. I love putting together gift baskets, too.)

What Not to Gift

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It’s as important to know what NOT to gift your recipient as it is to choose the right gift for them. I mentioned previously that you want to avoid purchasing them any products from brands they don’t support on whatever grounds - whether they’re ethically opposed to them or they condemn their use of toxic ingredients. You should also make sure that your giftee isn’t allergic to anything in the product they’re purchasing - for example, if someone develops a latex allergy, it could be fatal for them to use a makeup product containing latex or cross-reactive ingredients.

There are also some beauty products that could feel insensitive when purchased for someone else - anti-aging products or skin-firming products pushed as helping people look as if they weigh less than they do. This isn’t something you’d necessarily enjoy receiving from a friend - unless you specifically ask for them! Best skip it.

Feeling more at ease with your holiday shopping now? Glad we could help! Hit the comments and tell us what kind of beauty products you love giving and receiving during the holidays.

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