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06 Feb '17

Hat-Proof Hairstyles: How to Keep Your Head Up this Winter

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It’s been cold for a while, and Jack Frost keeps trying to play merry havoc with your hair. You’ve read our tips in Winter Hair is Coming, but you just need a little more help. Like how in the name of Coiffure (that’s the Patron Saint of Hairdos I just made up) - like how in the name of Coiffure can you keep your hair gorgeous and styled under the cute tyranny of beanies and other hats? 

Don’t worry, friends! We’re back with more details for you on keeping your ‘dos fresh and crisp when tight wool hats otherwise keep trying to attack you with hat hair. And we’re sharing some of our favorite looks!  

Basic Steps to Prevent Winter Hat Hair 

When it’s cold and windy out, and a hat is a required part of your wardrobe, just remember: braids are your new best friends! Braids are an incredibly versatile and protective style, keep their beautiful shape under tight hats, and can protect the ends of natural hair from the elements. Plus, if your braids get slightly mussed, it just adds to their charm rather than ruining their look. (Buns, knots, and twists also fall under this heading.)  

Another great style for hats involves waves that start partway down your hair, so it doesn’t matter whether the hair on the top of your head gets pressed flat. To fix your hair’s volume, just carry some dry shampoo in your bag. Once you get where you’re going, take your hat off, and then use that dry shampoo to refresh your hair.  

 Of course, we know that dry winter hair combined with wool hats is basically the perfect spell to summon frizzy, staticky hair and flyaways. Wearing a silk scarf over your hair and under your hat may help with this, but you can also head it off at the pass by using anti-frizz products during this time of year.

Last, but certainly not least: always, always style your hair when dry. Wet hair with hats is a disaster waiting to happen, from your hair drying in weird flattened shapes to even more frizz. Don’t let it happen to you: DRY YOUR HAIR. Then style. 

The Good and The Braided

 Braids are wholly creative works of art, and can be arranged in countless ways to give your look a chic touch - or a down-home feel, sophisticated finish, flirty edge, and more. If braids aren’t something you’ve previously worked into your hairstyle repertoire, I recommend you add them: today, if possible. Something we’ve been doing to our hair for thousands of years is worth learning!

The Sidebraid

One of our favorites right now is the sidebraid, where the braided portion of hair falls to one side of your head. Whether worn with the braids up or down, in fishtail braids or classic braids, this is one good look.  



There are a few excellent tutorials for sidebraids (and twists) over at refinery29’s “3 Perfect Hairstyles for a Windy City Winter.” Their “Wintry Mix” style is similar to the photograph above, and can basically be achieved by braiding a French braid at a wrapped angle down to the nape of the neck, then artfully roll the braid up, tuck the ends, and secure everything with bobby pins - SO MANY BOBBY PINS - in your desired shape.  

Half-Braid Ponytail 


Nee over at the super-popular Bebexo YouTube channel has hundreds of tutorials for hair, makeup, and more - and one of our favorites right now is this fantastic crochet half-braid ponytail that can absolutely keep you stylish even if you have to wear a hat half the time. This style also encourages you to add a festive touch to your look with a beautiful barrette. Just remember: start with smooth, DRY hair! 

Dutch Braid Bun 

This sophisticated protective hairstyle is one that looks fabulous with or without a fuzzy woolen hat. This is one of our favorites because its elegance is appropriate for work or socializing, all with your ends tucked away to protect them from the frigid air. Buns (or chignons) are a great hat-proof ‘do since your hair’s already pulled tight, and incorporating braids is a simple way to elevate the entire look. Plus, part of that gorgeous hair art can peek out of the bottom of your hat. 

 Now then: you should be well-armed to conquer hat hair before it can try to make you look funny. You’re the boss of your locks, Coiffure be praised, and Jack Frost can be safely ignored. I mean, from a hair standpoint. Do make sure you’re bundling up properly, because the cold is nothing to mess around with.

So, tell us: what are your favorite hat-proof hairstyles? 

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