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14 Feb '20

Gorgeous Makeup Looks You Don’t Want To Miss

Posted by ISA Professional

Get Inspired With These 5 Perfect Makeup Looks

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We all fall into a makeup rut every couple of years. You know what I’m talking about; you buy some new, talked about makeup product, use it often, only to forget about it and go back to your ‘tried and true’ look. There’s nothing wrong with knowing which products and colors look best on you (I admit to stockpiling several lipstick colors and concealers, for fear I won’t find them again); but adding something new to your routine is a lot of fun! Just like a fresh new haircut can make you feel ready to take on the world, makeup also holds that power. Applying makeup is supposed to be fun, not a hassle. And even though there are some looks that are only achievable for the pros; that doesn’t mean we can’t get out of our comfort box and try something bold! Below, I’ve chosen some of my favorite makeup looks to shake things up a bit. Just continue practicing and you’ll see that you’ve gotten a new makeup look under your belt for the future! Have fun and don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!


You Only Live Once Color

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Let’s begin our makeup adventures with a tip you’ve probably always known but have chosen to ignore: stop being afraid and just wear that bold, dramatic color you’ve been admiring! Maybe it won’t be the most flattering color with your skin tone but sometimes, only lilac, blue or green is the way to feel liberated. It’s so much fun to play around with different tones; just make sure to take advantage and match your outfit accordingly. This purple pastel lip look by @lipsonfire is giving me serious confidence vibes and I love it!

Show Stopper Eyes

A post shared by COII MAKEUP (@makeupbycoii) on


This eye look by @makeupbycoii will take a lot of practice and a steady hand but practice makes perfect and I believe this look is completely worth it! Just look at those perfectly drawn white lines, highlighting the eye’s crease. I also like how she added sparkling gems to complete the look; it really makes her eyes pop more!

Shining Inner Highlight

A post shared by Beata Wróbel Makeup 🌟 (@beatawrobel_) on


This bold look combines dark tones with platinum tones hugging the inner eyes. This makeover by @beatawrobel_ is stunning. The amount of shimmer that was added to the inner corners of the eyes make this smokey eyed look stand out from the rest. Pink is a popular color for a reason; just make sure you pack that glitter on with a heavy hand because this look is not holding back and neither are you!

Statement Lips

A post shared by Sara Lip Art (@sara_mua_) on


Were you thinking of something bolder, bigger and in a darker tone? Look no further because @sara_mua is here to show us how it’s done. She chose a black canvas to apply the small details to and even though this lip art will be time consuming to create; I am certain it’s worth the effort. This look also takes a steady hand but just imagine the looks of awe you’ll get when you go outside rocking this dark lipped look! Worth it!

Rainbow Pro

A post shared by EKTA 👑 (@batgirlekta)) on


I’m a huge lover of all things rainbow, so I had to include this eye art to this bold makeup list. Can you blame me? Just look at @batgirlekta’s stunning rainbow eye work! I can’t even imagine how long it must have taken to blend all those colors so perfectly but the client must have been ecstatic when it was completed. A girl can dream but most importantly: a girl will be practicing this look for the foreseeable future!

How about you? Which of these bold makeup looks would you try out?

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