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15 May '18

Go To The Grey Side With These Platinum Hairstyles

Posted by ISA Professional

5 Silver Hair Transformations To Steal For Yourself

Woman With Platinum Hairstyle

Maybe you started to notice a few grey hairs on your head. Or maybe you're obsessed with the silver haircolor that is taking over the internet. Either way, getting a new hair color is always exciting and choosing to go with platinum is a bold move. In our mother's and grandmother's time, a grey hair sticking out meant an emergency dye job; no one must know that you're aging! But thankfully, those days are now gone: now, many of us embrace our silver locks and rock the grey like your grandmother never could. Now, young women are choosing to go with the silver look as a fashion statement, looking gorgeous in the process. Another perk of going silver is how your haircolor will then match almost anything in your wardrobe, which is incredibley convenient, right? I used to have neon pink hair and didn't consider how difficult it would be to find clothes that wouldn't clash with my new fantasy hair look. After deciding to go platinum, my wardrobe time has been cut down and my piece options have gone up again. If you've been considering taking the platinum leap, then this is the right place to be. I am an avid IG addict and will share with you my top 5 platinum looks to steal for yourself. Which one will you snatch?

Platinum Braids

A post shared by Shayla 🇺🇿🇺🇸🏝 (@samirasjewelry) on


This intricate silver braided hairstyle by @sammirasjewelry is stunning! I love her delicate work and how she made the braid jumbo sized down from the neck. I can see this hairdo and color in a fashion show or a music festival, for sure.

Charcoal Waves


A post shared by sammi wang (@sammiiwang) on


If you want a darker grey look to match your style, look no further than @samiiwang. This charcoal mermaid look is so pretty, the way she joined two tones of grey gives it dimension and it's so shiny!

Smokey Unicorn


A post shared by Guy Tang® (@guy_tang) on

Do you love platinum but also feel like you need a bit more color? How about @guy_tang's smokey unicorn look? This hair makeover is awesome for the rainbow colored lover in you so stop stressing out and just go for it!

Minimalist Shots Of Color


A post shared by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on

I love it when the hairstylist decides to add a hint of color to a look and @uggoff does it so perfectly. The bright, silver hair is accentuated by shots of different colors and it looks stunning! This is the ideal look for those who want a little brightness but more platinum than anything else.

Silver + [Insert Favorite Color Here]


A post shared by Hairstylist • Huntington, CA (@bleachedandblown) on

Not completely in love with completely silver or the unicorn and rainbow looks? This makeover by @bleachedandblown went with joining silver and pink together in a perfect color melt I can't stop looking at. The best part about this look is that you can replace the pink with whichever color you love: blue, purple and green are all great options to choose from. Just customize it until you love it!

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