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21 Jul '16

Glam by Maryam : One of Our Favortie Makeup Artsits

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Favorite Makeup Artists

It seems like everyday a new makeup artist appears on social media. Out of the thousands of makeup artists out there some stand out not just as great talents but also as great educators. A true makeup artists is able to impart their knowledge in  meaningful ways and not just show you a few tricks and hacks, although they always have great tips and tricks too. One of our fave MUAs is Maryam from Glam By Maryam She is definitely one to follow if you want to get in depth and professional knowledge.


Her skills as a beauty educator can be best appreciated at one of her seminars. These events not only significantly help up your makeup game but also come with many attendance perks. High profile clients, like TV personality Aryana Sayeed and high-end gift bag products like our Xanadu 24K Gold Serum and Makeup Primer are just some of the extras for those attending.




Glam by Maryam Makeup Seminar - ISA Professional

If you have the chance, don't miss out on her next Toronto seminar or contact her to find out when the next one is! Let us know who your favorite makeup artist are in the comments below.



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