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15 Nov '18

Focus on Wellness Retreats: Relax Yourself Healthy

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Give Yourself A Mini Break For Your Well-Being


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Have you noticed how our lives have become relentlessly plugged in? We find ourselves having to work harder than we ever have before. It’s a growing concern, and one measured by our suffering. Finding a getaway has become one of the most powerful tonics available today: Wellness retreats are a type of vacation that clap back at all the crap life wants to throw at you.


Our physical health is impacted by long work hours that may promote a sedentary lifestyle. Our mental health is affected by endless worry and comparing ourselves to others until we’re anxious and depressed. More of us are having trouble sleeping, perhaps due to blue light from our devices affecting melatonin production.


With our whole bodies tied up in knots like this, it’s no wonder that our health suffers.


Wellness retreats are one solution to this modern problem. They’re all about unplugging, unwinding, and re-centering. About incorporating beauty into your day and letting all your worries go. Often situated in beautiful natural surroundings, you may spend your time at a retreat doing yoga, practicing meditation, communing with nature, or so much more - all by unplugging from the rush of everyday life and tuning in to our spiritual or meditative sides.


Go All Out


Group Enjoying A Relaxing Yoga Session | ISA Professional


The purest form of wellness retreat is the one that involves getting away - often far away - to some luxurious and/or secluded location. These are the fantastic facilities you hear about when someone’s gushing about the wellness retreat they’ve been on. Depending on how far you want to travel (and how much you want to spend), you could find yourself under the gentle hand of a Wellbeing Guide in the Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, reflecting in meditative silence at a monastic Indian retreat, or doing yoga and meditation at a health resort in Sri Lanka.


Whether you want to be isolated from the world, try alternative health care, or experience something new and weird, you can find a wellness retreat to fulfill your desires. You must, of course, be willing to pay. If you’ve saved up the funds and need to fundamentally reset, why not splurge and treat yourself? Money is just money, and your health is everything. If you can spend it while being fiscally responsible, then go for it. Make sure you do your research first to be sure you’re purchasing the brand of support (and maybe even pampering) that you deserve.


Stay In Budget

 Women Relaxing On The Beach Together | ISA Professional


Of course, many of these options are breathtakingly expensive, so don’t be afraid to look further for a quality wellness retreat that you can actually swing on your income: check out resorts in gorgeous locations you’d love to just hang out in, especially at less luxe-minded resorts or even during the off season. Then see what kind of spa and related getaway packages you can find. Think about natural springs in the American southwest and ocean or forest retreats in Central American countries. And don’t shy away from creating a wellness retreat with a few friends to defray costs.


With a little work, you can plan your own wellness retreat and put together a relaxing itinerary, so you don’t have any decisions to make while you’re there. All for a fraction of the price demanded elsewhere! Finding something healthy for your bank account as well as you? That’s living the dream.


Do It Yourself


Woman Enjoying Some Beauty Pampering | ISA Professional


For so many of us, finding both the funds and the time to get away can seem impossible. When we do manage to get a couple of days off together, we feel too exhausted to do much beyond nest on our couches and binge-watch whatever’s hyped on Netflix or HULU. There’s nothing wrong with feeding yourself entertainment when you crave it - but you should know that you have options to DIY your own wellness retreat staycation. Turn your downtime into something that feeds you and clears your mind with a few deliberate choices.


If you can, find someplace natural and beautiful nearby to spend the day. This can be a little-visited bit of beach, a nearby forest, or even a public park. Somewhere with the opportunity for fresh air and the sounds of the natural world. Find free or low-cost wellness activities you can participate in while there - there might just be a yoga or tai chi class in that public park that you can join.


While you’re at it, detox from your digital life. Sign out of all social media - delete the apps from your phone if you have to. (The memes will still be there when you get back, promise.) In fact, put your phone on Do Not Disturb, and let all your friends and family know that you are officially unplugged for the duration of your wellness staycation.


Feed yourself fresh foods - spend some time caring for your body through the deliberate and careful preparation of meals. If you splurge on anything, make it a massage. Make sure you take plenty of naps, and maybe even read for pleasure. Pamper yourself. This slow-focused downtime will help you clear your mind and infuse some beauty into your days - without any expensive travel.


If you go on a wellness retreat, be sure to tag us on Instagram! We’d love to see where you’re relaxing.

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