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30 Apr '20

Five Wonderful Pastel Transformations To Calm The Nerves

Posted by ISA Professional

Pastel Hair Makeovers For A Relaxed Look

Calming Pastel Pink Decor | ISA Professional

When you think of a relaxing atmosphere, what comes to mind? The ocean? The forest? What if you had to think of a relaxing color; which one pops in your mind? Did you imagine a pastel tone? If you did, you are not alone. Pastel colors are light hues and they instill calmness and serenity; there's a reason many spas center their decor around pastel colored inspiration. Now, let's focus those calming colors into our beauty routine, instead. Have you guessed where this is going yet? Hair! Once you step out of that salon chair, you will be obsessed with your new 'do. Fantasy hair colors can easily change your mood for the better and who doesn't want some positivity and fun in their life? Check out these five pastel hair makeovers and comment which one you would love to see reflected back at you every morning!

Mermaid Pastel Waves

A post shared by ENCINO CUT-COLOR-MERMAIDS (@christopher.wayne.hair) on

Blue hairstyles can help transport you to the ocean, along with the calming waves that help relax you so well. This hairdo by @christopher.wayne.hair is definitely making that impression; its color melt perfection from green to blue really makes it a pastel winner.


Princess Pink Pastel

A post shared by ※ BRIDAL HAIR ※ by SARA (@hairspray_studio) on

If you're looking for a princess hairstyle, then this pastel transformation by @hairspray_studio is your last stop in that search. Just look at those braids and the flower work; they all pair nicely with the pink hue used and we are in love! This pastel makeover is just perfect for a special day; it's not everyday you choose to dye your hair pink, so make it count!


Lilac Pastel Pixie

A post shared by TΉEӨDӨRΛ RΛPƬIS📍Stratford ON🇨🇦 (@theodoraraptis) on

Sometimes, the best thing to do is go 500% into a new hairstyle. To achieve this, we suggest a new pastel color and a new haircut! Now, this gorgeous pixie undercut by @theodoraraptis is a fantastic combo and the undercut design is lovely. The pastel lilac blends into a silvery hue and it's all magic together.


Forest Pastel

A post shared by San Diego ☀️ Hair 🎨 PULPRIOT 🌈 (@hannahdisconnected) on

The wilderness and its green landscapes are calming to the eyes and mind, so why not try to tap that relaxed energy with a hairstyle like this one by @hannahdisconnected ? The roots stayed dark and untouched, while the green pastel hues changed in intensity throughout the long waves they were styled in. The emerald waves remind us of long high grass in movement and the surrounding greenery around it.


Lemon Pastel

A post shared by 𝚗𝚑 𝚑𝚊𝚒𝚛 𝚌𝚘𝚕𝚘𝚛𝚒𝚜𝚝 ☽ (@bohemianblonder) on

Pastel hair inspiration pictures are a wonderful way to find that perfect look for us and this creation by @bohemianblonder should definitely be considered. It starts white on the roots, then blends into pastel lemon and pink tones to the ends of this adorable bob cut haircut. You can always replace these three tones with whatever colors you please; just make sure you have fun and that your stylist helps you choose colors that blend well together.

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