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20 Sep '18

Feel Pretty In Pink With These Five Hair Makeovers

Posted by ISA Professional

Try One Of These Pink Hairstyles For Your Next Makeover

 Woman With Pink Flower Crown | ISA Professional

It's always fun to try a new look and while most people would think of a haircut or a new wardrobe, I've been leaning towards fantasy hair colors. I've been noticing a lot more women (and men!) rocking neon or pastel hair and I can't help but want to try it out myself. I'll admit I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani in high school and when she premiered her new pink haired look, I was hooked. That magenta color spoke to me and convinced me that she was officially the coolest female musician ever. Here I am, years later, feeling like now is a good time to try this pink makeover my teenage self wanted so badly. It's such a fun color to go with but it's not as easy as just telling your hairstylist you want a pink look. The fantasy hair world takes its colors very seriously; you have to go into that chair knowing exactly what you want and making sure your stylist says it's possible with your hair type and current color. Now, join me in drooling over these five pink haired masterpieces that you'll definitely want to steal for yourself.

Pastel Pink Bow Braids


A post shared by Kansas City Hair Balayage (@shana_echavarria) on

This makeover is definitely for the pastel lovers here. The soft pink is just the right hue if you want a romantic fairy vibe. The extremely long hair, the braids, the soft pink color: what isn't there to love about this look? Even though I still don't quite understand how @shana_echavarria did those delicate bow braids, I do know I want them in my hair immediately, who agrees with me?

Peek A Boo Rainbow


A post shared by Парикмахер|Яркое окрашивание (@vlbr_pro) on

If you're a rainbow fan, then this hairstyle by @vlbr_pro is the one for you. Not only does this look have that beautiful, soft, pink color, it also has a hidden surprise in the nape of the neck that lets you choose when to show it off. It's pretty genius because, with this hairdo, you get to have a little of any other color you were leaning towards before you settled on your mostly rose look.

Neon Pink Rocker


A post shared by Danica Szczerba (@danicaszcz) on

This neon pink color is exactly what Gwen Stefani rocked years ago and @danicaszcz definitely knows how to make a hair makeover stand out! Vibrant pink hues are a lot of fun and thanks to its high pigmentation, the hair color lasts longer through washes. This style would look amazing curled like shown here or sleek and straight. Either way, I am obsessed!

Pastel Waves


A post shared by Saint Augustine Colorist (@valeriealexis_creations) on

I totally understand why pastel hair is so popular right now; it's pretty and lets you feel like a kind of heroine you looked up to when you were little (any fellow Sailor Moon fans here?). I'm convinced that @valeriealexis_creations has a strong pastel game; just look at this perfect pink transformation she styled into beautiful, soft waves. I probably couldn't stop running my hands through this hairstyle!

Color Melt Perfection


A post shared by Pulp Riot LA Hair Stylist (@hairbykaseyoh) on

Are you torn between pink and another color for your new and bold look? Luckily for us, stylists like @hairbykaseyoh know how to make us happy and give us exactly what we want. As you can see, she is a master at combining two colors together and making them look like they're melting together flawlessly. I knew that pink and purple go well together but this hairdo just makes me want to try the dual-toned look even sooner than I thought.

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