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31 Aug '20

Channel The Sun With These Orange Hairstyles

Posted by ISA Professional

Orange Hair Makeovers Brighter Than The Sun

Bright Morning Sun Stroll | ISA Professional

Remember, how in our younger years, we were warned that looking directly at the sun would harm our eyes and we'd do it anyway? Even though our strained eyes confirmed our elders' warnings, we were still impressed with the suns' power. One time is more than enough to learn our lesson and not get burned again but what about channeling that very power into our hairstyle? Have you been considering a new hair color but haven't decided on one yet? Sometimes, all you need is a little nudge in the right direction and today, we'll be admiring orange hairstyles together. Orange and yellow tones melt together to make our hearts race and it's all thanks to the talented hairstylists that help us achieve our biggest hair dreams. Now, reach for the sky and shine on with these orange haired makeovers!

Orange With A Twist

A post shared by 757 hair stylist 🌸 PULP RIOT (@alec_cynova) on

This hairdo by @alec_cynova is so bright, you'll need some sunglasses to take it all in. Keeping it a solid orange hue throughout already makes this look pop but adding two yellow details to frame the client's face? A genius move that we can get behind!

Sunset Melt

A post shared by Katie Rose 🖤 Hair Stylist (@hairbykatierose) on

Beach vibes and relaxation from a hairstyle alone? In this case, yes and yes. The top to bottom fade by @hairbykatierose creates the perfect transition that make your worries just melt away. The most impressive part of this hairstyle is the perfectly done color melt technique, which shows true color mastery.

Colorful Surprise

A post shared by ЦВЕТНОЕ ОКРАШИВАНИЕ | МОСКВА (@toridar_hair) on

The contrast in this hairdo by @toridar_hair is extremely impressive. It's already bold at first glance but the hidden purple colored detail really pumps it up to 11. We especially love the sunset vibes we're getting with these color combinations. It's fun to make an already bold hairstyle, even bolder!

Neon Waves

A post shared by Pulp Riot // Upstate, SC (@robinowensbeauty) on

Do you love mermaid hairstyles and their signature waves but would prefer to change up their usual blue hue? Let stylist @robinowensbeauty show you how to make those beachy waves come alive with beautiful neon orange and yellow tones. This kind of hairstyle just begs to be admired and we're totally obsessed.

Fire And Ice

A post shared by Kimberly Ibbotson (@kimberlytayhair) on

If you're still unsure about orange as your fantasy hair color choice, then let us show you a popular technique called split color. Just choose a complimentary color to go with your sun inspired tone and let the lovely @kimberlytayhair work her magic! This technique really stands out when it's styled in soft curls because it shows off every detail. Sun kissed orange and icy cool blue make the perfect pairing and we adore it!

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