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19 Dec '16

Best Hair Stylists of 2016

Posted by ISA Professional

Our Favorite Hair Stylists of 2016

One of our favorite parts of Instagram is discovering, featuring and interacting with all the wonderfully talented hair stylists that show their work on their profiles. We never expected to discover a new hairstylist with boundless talent on a daily basis, but this is what we've come across. It can be so hard to pick the "best" among all of these stylists, but we've brought together a collection of some of the stylists that have stood out the most during 2016. These hair stylists have stood out first by their talent, but also because they have a great attitude and real love for styling and all things hair. We hope you enjoy these gorgeous looks and don't' forget to follow them for more amazing hair inspiration.



This first look is by Emily Anderson (@emilyandersonstyling) from Arizona. Not a sorceress of hair styling, she is impressive at both cut and color. It's easy to tell that she can translate her clients' desires perfectly into reality. She can do it all, from bold looks, to gorgeous blondes and brunettes. It's all within her grasp. So if you're lucky enough to live in the vicinity, try and book an appointment with her, although she is usually fully booked! If you manage to get an appointment don't forget to ask her about our Digital Titanium Hair Straightener, she can give you some great tips!



This gorgeous color job is brought to you by the amazing Sarai Speer (@sarai_styles__). Not only is she super cool, I mean just look at her profile, but her color work is just jaw dropping! Her profile has it all, braids, bold colors and her color technique is perfection. Just look at the color balance and color blending, it's flawless. Her profile definitely gives us hair envy. She is a must visit for anyone living in Kansas City, book her and be the envy of your friends!



This last look is by the color king himself, Garrett K Roach (@garrettkenroach). At first glance you can tell he is just an awesome guy, just look at his Harry Potter tattoo, and his color work is next to none. Just look at the creativity and technique being applied here, it's nothing short of masterful! When he gets together with and collaborates with Sarai, we are all lucky enough to witness some true hair magic. Yet another supremely talented stylist in Kansas City. We're not sure what is happening in Missouri but it definitely involves tons of hair magic and ecstatic clients!

That's it for now, keep an eye out for more featured stylists and we'll leave you with this video of Garrett working his magic with our flat iron.



Do you have any favorite hair stylists, either online or in your local neighbourhood. Tell us about them in the comments!

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