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26 Dec '16

Best Hair Braids of 2016 Part 2

Posted by ISA Professional

Our Favorite Braids of 2016

We're presenting a brand new collection of braids since we couldn't get enough of them, ever, and we know you can't either. Oh Instagram, where would we be without your constant hair inspiration? We'd be with the same old boring hair color and hair do is where. Thanks to the constant braid and hair inspiration, the hairstyles around our offices are looking brighter, more colorful and complex than ever. It seems impossible to look at all these beautiful bright colors and hairstyles and not get caught by the color bug. In our case these gorgeous braids and hairstyles have kept things fresh, interesting and have made 2016 one of the best hair years ever. So while this hasn't been a great year for a lot of things, hair has been the exception. Let's keep sharing gorgeous hairstyles and inspire each other to take our hair game to the next level!



This look  by Shelly Gregory (@shelleygregoryhair) from Las Vegas, is simply sensational. It's colorful, extremely unique and the amazing color just screams Las Vegas. This is definitely one of the best of the year. Not many people braid like this but honestly, they should be all over the place because it's gorgeous. You can tell that time and dedication has been put into this and all of her looks, so don't forget to follow for endless hair inspiration!



This look has a little of everything, perfect color blend and balance, gorgeous braid work, and definite attention to detail. This is the level of quality you can expect from Rebecca Taylor (@rebeccataylorhair) so if you need constant hair inspiration or just something to show your stylist, this is the profile to mine for gorgeous hairstyles!


A video posted by Razor Dolls Team (@razordolls) on


The Razor Dolls Team (@razordolls) , from Australia, has one of the most amazing, colorful and unique collections of looks on their profile. The amount of top quality looks this team creates is just stunning. We don't know how they do it, but please, please keep at it! If you live in anywhere near them you know where you're getting your next look from. Also, have you noticed they have amazing taste in flat irons?



Last but so not least is an beautiful look by Stephie Geib (@hairbystephscissorhands) from Boston. Boston has so many great things to see, but Stephie's salon is a must visit as well. Her technique speaks for itself and her talent is so obvious. If you haven't followed her, do so or you will miss out.

Speaking of missing out , ease your FOMO and make sure you come back often and check out our latest post. Enjoy!

Which braid style is your favorite? Do you have any tips or tricks of your own for braiding hair? Share with us in the comments!

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