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02 Nov '16

Best Fall Lip Colors 2016

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Fall Into Lush, Colorful Lips

Autumn is technically here, even though summer’s hanging fiercely on in some parts of North America! Still, dropping temperatures and dry air are just around the corner, bringing with them the threat of chapped lips and sad smiles. Not on my watch! I’m here to stand between you and that nonsense, lip balm held in one hand, and stunning fall colors brandished in the other! Let’s get down to beeswax. I mean, business. Although beeswax may be involved.

Sugar Your Smile


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A sugar scrub is a great addition to your lip care routine, and instrumental in chasing away chapped lips. These scrubs are very simple concoctions - sugar (which is your exfoliating agent) combined with a bonding substance such as coconut oil or petroleum jelly. Once or twice a week, use your favorite scrub as directed - you’ll gently rub dead skin away, and leave your lips refreshed with soft new skin.

Lock Your Lips


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You should use lip balm on the daily in these drier, chillier months. Luckily, you are spoiled for choice with dozens of lip balms - both tinted and not - produced by dozens of brands. Lip balm is, at its base, just a selection of moisturizing oils in a wax-like salve that protects your lips. You’ll find products using a wide range of substances from lanolin to beeswax to camphor to keep moisture locked in. They’ll also incorporate nourishing materials like coconut oil or castor seed oil, shea butter or chamomile or honey. Choose what works best for you, and rock it.

Also, be on the look-out for SPF protection in your lip balm if you spend any significant time outdoors. And, if you find a lip balm that layers with your lipstick well - either as a non-sticky base or a glossy top coat - never, ever let it go. You hold on to that lip balm tightly, because it is gold. (Not, like, literally. But figuratively, OH MY YES.)

Hold the Line


While battling dry lips in autumn and beyond, there are several things you can do besides exfoliation and balm protection that’ll help. They’re so simple that you might not always think they’re related. So, ready?

Okay, here goes: stay well hydrated - no, really, always be well hydrated. This will guarantee your body works better overall. Run a humidifier at night - seriously, your sinuses will thank you for this one too. And, last one for now: protect your cheeks from windburn and your lips from chapping by wearing a scarf over your face when out and about in windy weather. Now that you know how to care for your lips this season, let’s look at some powerful and playful looks for October and beyond!

Persephone Pouts



What better way to celebrate the dying of the year than by channeling the Queen of the Underworld? (Persephone never pouts on her throne, but we couldn’t resist the alliteration!) Pomegranate-stained lips are in fashion, darlings, or any other dark berry that’s more your jam.

Matte lipsticks can be drying, so reach for something glossy (or at least hydrating) this autumn. Paint your lips in delicious hues of Pinot Noir or maroon berries or nearly black plums. (Just be certain you choose a shade suitable for your skin’s undertones!) Such dramatic color can add poise to any ensemble, and lend you a dramatic edge to carry your day - let it straighten your spine and put some mischief in the curl of your lip, then rule your daily life like the queen you are!

Pumpkin Smiles



If you’re feeling playful or daring this month, reach for any orange lippie that catches your eye! There’s an orange out there for every skin tone, so everyone can play. Dress your lips up in eye-catching color, then give out jack-o-lantern smiles for free. This is one bright shade that’ll lift your spirits and probably those of anyone else you favor with a grin.

You can even take it a step farther for the season with reverse candy corn lips - apply a deeper orange across most of your lips, fading into a yellow-orange around the center where your lips part. For this style, you’ll want to finish it with a makeup sealer or fixing spray.

Fallen Queens



It all comes down to this: let the brilliant diversity of fall inspire your daily lip wear. This season is bursting with color both dark and bright - the crisping red and yellows of fallen leaves, soon dulling to brown beneath our boots. The comforting scents of coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg and more swirl through our imaginations summoning rich brown shades tinged with red or orange.

Be an autumnal queen this year, and experiment with complementary lipsticks to the season - paint your lips the red of a wind-blown maple leaf, or cloak your smile in shades of rust. Reach for those complex browns, or even go full metallic bronze with a wink and a grin. Autumn is a season for drama and play - and with healthy lips and a colorful lipstick, you can have both.

What are you favorite autumn lip colors or lip art? Let us know in the comments!

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