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08 Nov '16

Best Braids of 2016

Posted by ISA Professional in braids

Our Favorite Braids

If you follow our social feed the you know a simple fact, we love braids. Braids are a bit of an obsession with us, a form of wearable art. It's hard work, practice and dedication all summed up in one gorgeous hairstyle. That's why we pride ourselves in featuring so many braids by countless talented hair artists.  So as a tribute to our ongoing braid mania and fixation with all things hair, we've gathered some of our faves of the past season in order to share it with all of you. Enjoy!



This first braid is a look by Franco H (@hairbyfranco) a very talented stylist and color wizard from Seal Beach, California. This look shows off his work perfectly because it allows us to admire his color blending and balancing skills. You can tell that time and effort was taken to ensure these gorgeous results. At the same time, it is some of the most gorgeous braid work we've seen ever, not just in the last year!



Talk about having it all! This looks has unusual yet perfectly combined color work, it is one of the most original works we've seen! This is the work of another hair artist and professional stylist that is brimming with talent, Ricardo Santiago (@stylistricardosantigo) from Orlando, FL. If you are prepared for an endless barrage of gorgeous colors, braids and stunning hairstyles, then you have to follow him on social media. We certainly can't get enough of him!



Let there be color! If you're looking for total hair transformation or just looking to put more color into your life, then you can miss out on Savannah Harris (@rainbowrage). Her talent is evident and it's obvious her clients trust her completely and she never fail to impress us with their bold choices in color and style. So if you find yourself in or around Bend, Oregon and you're thinking of injecting some attitude to your style, you know where to look. Also don't miss her video with our titanium straightener !



This last look is by the supremely talented color conjurer, Stephani Hodges (@stephhstyles) from LA. Her braid work is nothing short of epic and her coloring is almost impossibly spot on. If you're looking for hair inspiration then her profile is it. Her updo's are simply to die for, constant jealousy on this end! She has videos of her working her braid magic so you can be amazed at her impressive skills.

Hope you enjoyed our collection and follow our social for more looks!

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