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06 Mar '17

Bangs Are Back, Get Your Cut on the Double

Posted by ISA Professional

Return of the Bangs

Psst. Hey, you. Scanning this article on your phone or laptop - are you in a crowded room? Coffee place, maybe? Café? Take a look around, and chances are someone in the room’s gonna have bangs. Maybe several someones! Bangs are back, my friends, and they’re on trend in a big way.

It’s not that surprising - fringes never fall out of fashion for long. How can they? They’re fantastically versatile, and can complement any hairstyle. Bangs are frames for your face, a natural way to cover imperfections, and can add mystery or whimsy to your look. Plus, they’re a great way to transform your current style without taking the plunge on an entirely new cut. 

Baby Bangs



Short bangs can immediately infuse drama into your look, boldly accenting your ‘do with attitude. They’re also one of the most severe looks, and the fringe requiring the most work to maintain. So be honest with yourself when considering baby bangs: do you have the moxie and the work ethic to pull them off? 

You’ll also want to consider your face shape and how happy you are with your features: there’s no hiding behind these bangs, and they accentuate your entire face rather than directing the eye. Round or heart-shaped faces may appear rounder and wider. On the other hand, oval or angular faces can rock micro bangs with ease. 

Baby bangs can work with any hair length, and tend to look best with textured or messy hairstyles. You’ll also need to decide on whether you want your bangs blunt or razored - the latter works best if you have any hair pattern concerns, like cowlicks.

There are a few keys to working with baby bangs: you want to style them right out of the shower, before anything else. Know which way your hair goes, and make sure you’re brushing and blow drying the strands straight and down. Use anti-frizz products at as necessary, as well as a good holding product. The flat iron is your friend here, and you might even need a mini one for these micro bangs. Also, don’t forget to put a slight curve in while ironing to give your bangs that natural curved look.

Pro-tip: before sleeping, comb your bangs straight and place a headband over them. This will help prevent them from twisting into crazy shapes overnight. 

Framed Faces



Framing bangs are great for softening your look, or even adding a touch of mystery. They also work well with almost any hair type; though, if your hair is stick straight, framing bangs may be difficult to keep styled all day. They require less upkeep than baby bangs do, and even qualify as low-maintenance depending on your overall style. 

Have a round face? Framing bangs can work for you. Love textured, natural hairstyles? Hairstyles that might even be described as tousled? Framing bangs WILL work for you.

Framing fringe can be categorized into a few main styles - there’s the curtain, side or side swept, and swept back looks. Here’s the rundown on each:  

Curtain bangs are parted in the middle, and the hair combed away to either side of your face. They soften the severity of a middle part and taper your forehead, drawing the eye to YOUR eyes. They can be left long all the way across, or your stylist can shorten the center strands. 

Side bangs operate as advertised, being parted to the side for a classy and versatile look. They can simply cover your brow at a sleek slant, or even obscure one eye for a playful and mysterious vibe. This is also a good style for making your face look longer or covering up forehead imperfections. 

Swept back bangs fully reveal your face again, but are still a framing fringe and add edge to your appearance. Brush your longer bangs back and to one side, creating a curved crest atop your head that falls to one side. This style requires more work than other framing bangs, and will need holding product to stay in place. 

Pro-tip: framing bangs styles are easy to experiment with while growing out shorter bangs.  

Full Figured Fringe



Thick or wispy, these are your standard forehead-obscuring bangs, and probably what you first picture when bangs are mentioned. Leave them extra-long and you’ve got eye-grazing bangs, sexy and stylish. Cut them straight, and you’ve got a hardcore blunt look emphasizing your nose and lips. 

When styling heavy, full-figured bangs, you can part them slightly in the middle, slightly sweep them to one side, or part them not at all. Just make sure you use your flat iron to give them a gentle curl inward to help them fall cleanly and naturally. (Use a more extreme curl if you’re going for Bettie Page bangs.) You’ll also want to be on frizz alert, and use sleeking products as necessary. 

Blunt and thick bangs are heavy on your face, and you might risk a helmet look if you’re not careful - but play your cards right and you’ve got a call back to a sultry 60’s look. Stay away from the blunt look if you’ve got a round face, or it’ll look even rounder as with the baby bangs. Wispy bangs are also super in these days, so don’t fret if you want bangs but have thin hair. You can still rock the fringe!  

Pro-tip: balance out heavy bangs with shorter overall hair length. 

So, you ready to get that cut on the double? We wouldn’t blame you; we almost nipped out to get a fresh fringe while writing this for you. Hit the comments and tell us whether you’ve turned your bucks into bangs recently! We’d love to see how it worked out for you.

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