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30 Sep '20

5 Pink Hairdos For You To Love

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Get Inspired With These Pink Transformations


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Sometimes, a big change is just what you need for your next hairstyle. We've all tried a new haircut, where we sometimes loved what we saw in the mirror and other times, not so much. Being adventurous in our fashion and beauty choices is part of the fun in life, let's enjoy it to the fullest. After all, who doesn't love to see what hair color and clothing choices they made in their old pictures and videos? Interestingly, hair color choices are now more varied than ever and we have the fantasy color trend to thank for that. Now, you can choose to have a hair color inspired by a mermaid or let the colors of the rainbow pave your new hairstyle path. Whatever unique hair color you choose won't matter because what really matters is that it makes you happy! Today, we'll be showing pink fans some love with these five pretty in pink hairstyles!

Waved Pink

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If you're looking for a pink hairstyle that will look gorgeous with a short hairstyle, then you have to check out @marina_borissna This dusky rose hair color is made even more beautiful with those short waves. We are already imagining ourselves in a flower garden as we show this look off.


Rainbow Surprise

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When you can't make up your mind on which fantasy hair color to go with, we just say let the rainbow take over. Let this look by @hairbykaseyoh teleport you to the skies and take in its beauty. She chose pink as her main attraction but allowed the rainbow hues to peek through the under layers of her clients hair.


Double Trouble

A post shared by Цветные Волосы, Цветная Краска (@raznoglazaya_hair) on

Are you a fan of combining dark and light pieces in your wardrobe? Do you love the contrast between the two and wish you could incorporate that into your new fantasy 'do? The talented @raznoglazaya_hair took that idea and ran with it, giving all of us this stunning and sleek look to admire. This dual colored style left half of the hair its natural color and left the fantasy color job to the other half, with a soft pink tone.


Pink Ninja

A post shared by ЦВЕТНОЕ ОКРАШИВАНИЕ | МОСКВА (@toridar_hair) on

Still feeling on the fence on this whole fantasy hair color trend? Maybe you absolutely love pink but aren't sure if you want it on your whole (or even half) of your head? Great news, @toridar_hair has your back, or should we say, has your nape? Let your stylist work the under layer of your hair with the pink fantasy dye and only show off your new look when you feel like it! We love how clever this is!


Ombre Pink

A post shared by Vivid Color Hair Specialist (@michelle.zapanta) on

Are you having problems with choosing between pink and another of your favorite colors? Well, you guessed it, we found another awesome stylist to show us the way to get everything we want! The fabulous @michelle.zapanta used purple and pink to create this gorgeous ombre hairstyle. She then elevated the look with soft curls that let us admire the color combination. Remember, you can choose whichever two colors you wish, just have fun!

Hairstylists are here to make our hair goals come true and we are so lucky to have such beautiful styles to choose from. Which of these would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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