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06 Mar '18

5 Hair Makeovers To Inspire Your Next Look

Posted by ISA Professional

Feeling Bold? Try One Of These Hairstyles!

Woman Getting Haircut- ISA Professional

I love seeing how confident and happy people are after they go through a well done makeover. Makeovers are a way to look better to the outside world while still being true to yourself. There's no point in making over someone who hates the end result or feels uncomfortable; they'll go back to their old ways and not get that confidence boost they were looking for. Hair makeovers are by far, the most satisfying to see. I love seeing how average looking hair becomes art and seeing how happy people get with their new look makes me happy too! Now, I want to share with you some of my favorite haircut makeovers from IG. Be warned though, these hair inspirations are not for the faint of heart! These hair transformations are perfect for those who don't want a traditional cut and want to stand out in the crowd. Which one is your favorite? Would you try any of these bold looks?

Iced Out Pixie

 Iced Pixie Cut


When I think of pixie cuts, my mind immediately goes to pixie master @emilyandersonstyling! She has such an amazing hand when it comes to taking the plunge into short hair and this silver look proves you can trust her skills. You can always tell when a haircut was created with care and her work shows that she has a passion for making her clients feel their best!

Pink Mowhawk

 Blue and Pink Mohawk

Want a bold haircut that blends old trends with new ones? Then check out @stephanysmithhair work; this pink rainbow transformation is just awesome! She found the right balance by combining the classic mowhawk with modern rainbow colors. Plus, I've always wanted a mowhawk, so this cut has definitely won my heart.

Fade It Up


A post shared by Angela's 🌼Hair SKULLPTURES🌼 (@angela_skullptures) on


When you decide to change up your hair, you probably assume that a lot of hair will be cut in the process but it doesn't have to be that way. This gorgeous hairstyle by @angela_skullptures is a perfect example of making a change without mourning your long locks. The slight fade on the sides paired with the dual colored bangs make this a must have look!

Neon Punk


A post shared by Hairstylist ✂️ LA NYC MIA (@philipwolffhair) on


Are you into the punk scene and want a cut that reflects it but still want to look feminine? What do you think about @philipwolffhair neon blue and green transformation? I'm obsessed with those uneven bangs and the fact that it looks like it would glow in the dark makes me curious to try this out! Truly a work of art on his clients' hair.

Fire Chic

 Red and Orange Pixie


This hair makeover is great because it allows you to look professional during the day and with a little pomade, you create a chic look perfect for night time! I love the warm red tones @hairaldo used for this look and by keeping the hair longer on the top, he gave his client a haircut that works in two different ways. What more could a girl ask for?

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