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22 Aug '17

5 Essentials For Your Next Beach Trip

Posted by ISA Professional

Have The Most Fun In The Sun With These Summer Essentials

Fun In The Sun- ISA Professional

Summer is close to its end this year and those of us that love this season are scrambling to enjoy the little time we have left to soak in those rays. It's the perfect time to wear lots of cute shorts or to flaunt those adurable sandals that show off your favorite nail polish, but for me, the best part about summer is going to the beach. There's just something so relaxing about seeing and hearing those ocean waves; plus it gives me a great chance to hang out with my friends and family. Group beach trips are a wonderful way to make memories and to just disconnect from the internet and the outside world for a short amount of time. I have become a beach fanatic through the years and love enjoying this time for as long as possible! So, if you're like me, then get those sandals ready and jump in with these beach essentials!


Sun Safety- ISA Professional


Now, this summer essential shouldn't surprise you but I can't ignore it since it's pretty much the most important item you will take with you to the beach. SPF products protect your skin from skin cancer, sun spots, and premature aging; it's pretty much your best friend whenever you pry yourself away from Netflix to go outside. This holds true for every day, not just your beach trip days! Apply your SPF wherever the sun hits your skin and reapply often after getting out of the water. There's nothing worse than having a great time at the beach, only to get home with severe sunburn!


Sun Hat- ISA Professional

Beach Hat

While SPF is definitely the #1 on this list (by far), the second essential is a beach hat. Usually, my beach days are just that, a whole day of fun in the sun, which makes me reach for my hat to get a break from those rays. Being responsible for your skin's health is important and a wide brimmed hat will give your face and neck a much-needed breather. It's also a great way to get some nice pictures, like the one above, so pick one that you love and show it off with that bathing suit! Protecting your face never looked so good!


Beach Games- ISA Professional

Beach Ball And Toys

Bringing some games along, like a soccer ball, is another essential on my list. This is especially great when you go with a large group of people since it allows everyone to get in on the fun! You can also take differently sized pails so young kids can make a sandcastle (adults can also take it up a notch and try to create something ambitious, there are some stunning sand art designs out there). Taking a dip in the water and swimming is fun but beach toys will give you even more fun in the sun!

Beach Accessories- ISA Professional

Beach Friendly Accessories

If you want to have fun at the beach and look amazing doing it, beach accessories are a must. I like to use an ankle bracelet to give myself a more tropical look but other great choices are: flowers in your hair, bejeweled hair bands, body stickers to get a cute tan design or even a bold waterproof eyeliner color! These accessories allow you to personalize your look; making you feel and look confident.


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