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29 Nov '19

5 Blue Hairstyles For The Adventurous Only

Posted by ISA Professional

Mermaid Hair Makeovers To Try Out

Woman Enjoying The Beach | ISA Professional

Fantasy hair colors have been in style for some time now but that doesn't mean it's not still in fashion to dye your locks a bold color! For this inspirational blog, we're going to be checking out mermaid hair. Blue is a very popular color for a reason; it looks great on any skin tone and the variety of tones make it great to choose your perfect hue. Whether it's a pastel or a bold tone, blue hair will bring all eyes on you; make sure you rock it, your way! These 5 hairstylists are pros when it comes to fantasy hair, especially blue transformations; which of these will you go for?

Titanium Blue

A post shared by new hampshire hair colorist (@bohemianblonder) on

Pastel colors are in right now and we can definitely see why! This titanium blue hairdo by @bohemianblonder is so perfect; we love how she chose an icy, cool blue tone for the look. This hairstyle makes us feel calmer and we're here for it!

Blue Fairy Queen

A post shared by Pulp Riot // Upstate, SC (@robinowensbeauty) on

Are you interested in bolder colors for your new makeover? No worries, we got your back! This hairstyle by @robinowensbeauty is great for whoever wants a dual palette on their hair. Blue and green go nicely together and her color melt work is just wonderful. The fairy crown accessory brings it up to another level and we are obsessed!

Aqua Pixie

A post shared by Lisa Salgado🦇 (@lisadoeshair) on

This beautiful hairstyle by @lisadoeshair is lovely for short haired lovers. A fresh pixie cut can bring out confidence you never knew you had. Pair that cut with this awesome ocean blue tone and you have a sure winner! Seeing this makeover makes us want to lounge on the sand, as we watch the waves crash in front of us.

Blue Blends

A post shared by PULP RIOT 🌈 KANSAS CITY HAIR (@katkolors) on

We can safely say that @katkolors has the color melt technique perfected and this hairstyle proves our point. Just look at how flawlessly the blue and green tones come together, to create this inspirational hairdo. You can't see where the blue starts and the green ends and that is a gorgeous sight, indeed!

Rainbow Mermaid

A post shared by JessicaPowersPaints | PULPRIOT (@jessicapowerspaints) on

This makeover is specially for those who love every color of the rainbow and have no issues showing it off on their head. This unicorn look by @jessicapowerspaints is too amazing; notice how she made the blue her main protagonist and let the other colors work around it. We can't get over how beautiful this hair look is; anyone who rocks this, will definitely feel like a mermaid princess!

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