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17 Aug '17

4 Mermaid Hairstyles

Posted by ISA Professional

Hairstyles To Make You Feel Like A Water Goddess

If you were like me when I was little, you loved mermaids and wanted everything to do with them. My mom would go out and get me ‘The Little Mermaid’ merchandise every time a birthday or special occasion came up and I loved them all so much. My mermaid obsession kept growing over the years, leading me to check out mermaid stories and even write some of my own (any fellow fanfic fans or writers out there?). Nowadays, social media is the best way to get my mermaid fix, with all the colorful hairstyles that look like they just came out of the ocean, it’s easy to get lost in all the beautiful hair out there. I was amazed at how talented these hairstylists were and how they changed their client's look to match their very own inner mermaids. If you also want to feel like a water goddess, check out these hair makeovers for your next hair appointment!



The large, loose curls accentuate this mermaid hair wonderfully. I especially love the hair accessory @razordolls used for this look, it’s perfect for a formal occasion to make you feel full glam!



This cobalt blue makeover is stunning and those loose waves are perfect for a true water goddess! I’m obsessed with the work of @jaymz.marsters and can absolutely see her coming out of the water.




Green and blue combine so nicely and @msnataliejean definitely knows how to make them look flawless together! I love how the colors melt together, making this a perfect mermaid look!



This mermaid makeover is perfect for those looking for more than one blue hue in their hair. The panels of color created by @hairbymisskellyo are wonderful and I’m sure her client left her chair feeling empowered by her water goddess style!


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