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25 Jul '15

Want Your Hair Color To Last Longer And Not Get Brassy? Choose Purple Shampoo

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Purple Shampoo for Longer Lasting , Brighter Blonde

Blonde Woman Getting Her Hair Color Treated At Beauty Salon ISA Professional

Anyone who has color treated hair knows that your hair never looks better than when you just step out of the salon. There's just something so calming in letting a professional do their job by making your hair look and feel fabulous. What if I told you the hair pampering doesn't have to stop there? While some women have the skills to color their hair at home, this doesn't mean you have to be a hair guru to know how to protect that color you love so much.


Whether your color is blond, highlighted, silver, red, brown or black; purple shampoo can help you. You just have to remember that not all color specific shampoos are the same and while purple shampoo works best for those with lightly colored hair, darker shades can also benefit.


Lighter Tones: Blond, Silver, White or Highlighted Hair


Silver Long Haired Woman With Luxurious Jewelry ISA Professional


I've been coloring my hair blond for longer than I care to admit. Even though I've tried on every color, blond just works best for my face and skin. At the beginning, I didn't think so far ahead in terms of keeping my color from fading. Later on, I realized that those beautiful blond colors can actually turn brassy, making my color look completely different, in a bad way. My hairstylist then told me to start using purple shampoo to combat the brassiness and fading. The dark purple color freaked me out at first but when I saw the results, I was a true believer. Purple shampoos help even out your color tone and fights the brassiness that occurs with regular washing. By using purple shampoo, you eliminate that orange-like undertone that happens to the best of us.


Darker Tones: Red, Brown, Black


Short Wavy Haired Redhead Woman Touching Her Cheek ISA Professional


Purple shampoo also has benefits for those with darker colors like reds, browns or blacks. Since the brassiness is less apparent in those with darker colors, they may think they don't need it. There are many women who swear purple shampoos helps them even out their color tone and keeps their hair looking better for longer periods of time. This is especially true for redheads because they are the second color that benefits the most from using purple shampoos. If you notice that your color needs to look more evened out and you don't want to go to the salon every two weeks, purple shampoo is for you.


Don't Overdo it


Long, Silky, Straight Haired Brunette Woman Looking Into The Distance ISA Professional


While purple shampoos has great benefits, you have to remember not to overdo it. This is especially true if you have platinum hair; since it's the color that requires the most bleach, it is also the most prone to getting a purple hue from over use of purple shampoos. Platinum hair should stick to using it as little as possible (only when you clearly see brass tones), by leaving it in for 1 minute and then quickly rinsing it out.


For those that don't have such porous hair from over bleaching; you should use it once a week (or once every two weeks, depending on your needs), leaving it on for 2-3 minutes and rinsing it out before applying a deep conditioner. Purple shampoo acts like a toner so it dries your hair; you need to make sure you give it hydration every time you use it. I just love using Rusk Sensories Bright Shampoo but there are plenty to choose from, just do your research before buying.


No matter what color you're rocking right now, you have to make sure you use heat styling tools that don't harm your color or hair. I love my Victorya flat iron from ISA Professional because its plates are 100% ceramic tourmaline and it makes my hair color shine beautifully.


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