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06 Jul '15

How Dry Shampoo Can Save You Work and Time

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Dry Shampoo to Save Time

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I admit that even though I try to keep my hair healthy and frizz free, I also have hectic days that give me almost no time to spend in front of the mirror before heading out into the world. Depending on when you last washed your hair, you may need something to help during these moments as well. Environmental elements leave a lot of dirt built up in your hair, which also weighs your hair down, making your hair look limp and dirty. I decided to give dry shampoo a chance and I have to say, it works wonders when you need your hair to look refreshed in a hurry. Keep in mind that this is not necessary for daily use, it's more for those days you have to skip washing your hair and want it to look and smell great anyway.


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Something to remember about dry shampoo is that you need to have a light hand when applying it, this is not a hair spray you would use liberally to make your look stay in place. Dry shampoo is best used on greasy roots since it takes away that unwanted greasy shine giving your roots a clean look and feel, without the need for water. It absorbs the oil on your scalp, not your hair, so there's no need to worry about it taking away the natural oils that are good for your hair. If you suffer from dandruff or if your scalp doesn't produce much oil, then dry shampoo is not recommended.


Woman Using Dry Shampoo Powder To Treat An Itchy Scalp ISA Professional


I usually spray 2 very short bursts on my roots and then comb it through, so it goes on evenly on my hair. I have friends who prefer to gently pat it in, since combing it leaves residue on their hair so that's another option if you have the same problem. If you feel like you used too much, just keep combing your hair from roots to end until most of it is absorbed and you don't see any residue. Try to always be on the conservative side and don't overdo it.


Do not apply dry shampoo on wet hair, it only works on completely dry hair. After doing my research and trying a few out, I now use Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Dry Shampoo and it works great on my color treated hair.


Highlighted Blonde Woman With Short Straight Bangs ISA Professional




If you have bangs like me, you know how hard it is to keep them dry and oil free from all the sweat on your forehead throughout the day. Instead of regretting your decision to get bangs, dry shampoo and a flat iron will make you love them. This is why even if I am in a hurry, I always use my Mirror Titanium Digital Flat Iron by ISA Professional to quickly straighten them and then apply my dry shampoo immediately after. This helps my newly straightened bangs from curling or separating all day, making those 5 minutes of my day crucial and always well spent.


Dry shampoos are great at helping you get on with your day, while looking refreshed, with very little effort.


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