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22 Jul '15

How To Make Your Hair Concert Friendly

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Festival Hair

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One of the things I've always been a fan of is music. Naturally, this drew to me to every concert or music festival nearby I could afford. When I was younger, I made the rookie mistake I'm sure we've all done, and tried to make my unruly, wavy hair as straight and fly away free as possible. Needless to say, music venues with no air conditioning, large amounts of hot bodies in constant motion and humidity are all enemies of sleek hair. Even though I looked very different leaving these shows from how I came in, I always had an amazing time with the music I loved. I just had to find a way to make my hair match my mood, from beginning to end.


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Work With What You Have


I realized that my wavy hair is not meant to be pin straight during these experiences and that's part of what makes them fun. You just have to find the right balance between cute and functional. Since I have wavy hair, I knew I had to find a controlled wavy look that would be concert and festival friendly. I wanted to share my tips on how to make your hair rock all night, you'll love how you look and how easy it is!


ISA Professional EVAO Argan Oil




You'll need to buy a small spray bottle to put the mixture into and simplify applying it evenly on your hair. Mix 1 cup of warm (not hot) water, ½ tsp pure Argan oil, 1 tsp fine sea salt, 1 tsp of your favorite smelling conditioner and a little hair gel. Mix it well and apply freely all over your damp (not soaking) hair, scrunching with your hands from the bottom up to make soft waves. The best part about this mix is that it requires no more work, all you have to do is wait for your hair to air dry and love the results. I sometimes keep scrunching my hair as it's drying to make sure it gets the wave and volume I want. Since I have short bangs and don't like how they look wavy, I also use my trusty Mirror Titanium Digital Flat Iron by ISA Professional to straighten them and bring a cute hair accessory or a hat with me for whenever I want to keep my bangs out of my face.


Girl Wearing Hat In Music Festival ISA Professional


Results and Tips


What I really love about this look is how it lasts for days, even if you don't feel like washing your hair. I personally like how it looks the day after, no combing needed, wild but still cute. If you want it to look more controlled, just spray some more on, re scrunch and keep going with your day. You can also use a little Argan oil to tame fly aways but don't overdo it, since it can weigh your hair down. I hope that this helps you with your concert worthy hair, now we can enjoy the music without worrying about our hair!


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