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20 Jun '15

How To Protect Your Hair From Chlorine Damage:

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Avoid Pool Hair


With the high temperatures we've been feeling lately, it makes anyone want to take a dip in the pool to cool off. Some may choose to go to a public pool and some may choose to enjoy their pool at home, but if you aren't careful, there can be some serious damage to your hair. While pools have chlorine to help disinfect the water and help you not get sick, those very chemicals can also harm your hair. If you are a regular pool swimmer, there are steps to take to ensure your hair doesn't suffer. Swimming is a great workout with almost no joint impact, making it an ideal sport. Swimming will make you feel better about your health. With these tips, you won't have to worry about your hair getting damaged in the process.



Always Wet Your Hair And Apply Oil Before A Dip In The Pool


If you just get into the pool with dry hair, you are allowing the chemicals from the pool get absorbed quicker into your hair. This is especially bad if you have color treated or highlights since they run a risk of being turned green because of the presence of copper in pool chemicals. By wetting your hair with tap water beforehand, you allow the oxidation to happen at a slower rate, since the water is already absorbed in your hair follicles. You should also apply an oil or serum product before getting in; this will help protect your hair and color even further. I like to use 100% argan oil, which is my #1 go-to oil in both my hair and body routines. Another option is to use a swimming cap after you soak your hair in product, this is highly recommended if you are a daily pool user.


Immediately Rinse Chlorine From Hair After A Dip In The Pool


The faster you rinse the chlorine water out of your hair and body, the better. If there are no designated rinsing areas where you swim, bring a bottle of water with you. By rinsing out as much chlorine as you can with clean water, you aren't allowing the chlorine to do any further damage. If you plan to get into the pool again the same day, just keep rinsing your hair every time you get out. This keeps your hair almost chlorine free while out of the pool.


Avoid Chlorine Smells and Buildup With Specialized Shampoos


There are plenty of specialized shampoos and body washes to choose from to help you get rid of the chlorine deposits and smell in your hair. Try to use it as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more damage can occur. These shampoos are a priority for those who plan to swim daily, since the smell of chlorine is very difficult to get rid of with just soap and water.


Deep Condition To Keep Hair Hydrated


This is true even if you aren't a daily pool swimmer. I like to deep condition once a week (twice if I went swimming), to keep my hair healthy. Afterwards, I keep it shiny and straight using my Victorya by ISA Professional flat iron, then apply argan oil to help keep the moisture at bay. Hydration is key in having healthy, shiny hair.


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