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12 Dec '16

2016 Holiday Party Style Guide

Posted by ISA Professional

NYE 2016 Style Guide

 It’s well into the holiday season and parties are popping up all over the place - there’s the office party, the friend shindigs, the family outings - or innings. Whichever. You’ve got a ton of social invites and maybe you’re not entirely sure what to do with your hair… or your makeup, or your clothes. Or all three. What’s a body to do?

 Call us, naturally! We’ve got a bevy of tips that’ll have you rockin’ around the tinsel in no time, with well-dressed merriment to spare.

Best Dress Means Velvet and Sparkles 


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 There are a few foolproof tactics to ensure a chic holiday outfit this winter, and they’re diverse enough that at least one should fit your signature style. If not, just remember: you can always improvise. Riff on an idea until it’s quintessentially you, then flaunt your look in public - fashion is 80% confidence, after all.

 So you’re stuck in jeans for most of the day and have no time between work and party to do a full change. Disaster, right? Not so! Jeans can easily be dressed up with a fantastic top - velvet works a treat here, but there are any number of other choices. Gauzy draped blouses in wine or forest green, sparkling sequin tops in flashing ruby or glittering black, or even a top of textured lace in the rich jewel tones of the winter holidays. Just don’t forget to level up your shoes - heels can instantly elevate jeans (substitute glitzy flats if you can’t do height).

 If you have more time to prepare (or a fashion-forward workplace), consider monochromatic color blocking. Dress head-to-toe in holly berry red, snow white, fir green - this stunning single color ensemble will guarantee your unspoken message is “let the merriment begin!” Make sure your clothing is tailored for a sleek profile to telegraph elegance as well.

And, finally, there’s the sparkly motion we all crave: whether in a skirt or pants covered in sequins, a cocktail dress of metallic patterned fabric, or gown sewn from glittering material, you can’t go wrong in something glitzy for the holiday season.  

Last looks: statement jewelry pieces are in - take those giant gemstones out to play, or that heavy necklace you’ve been too shy to wear out.  

 Party Ready Hair; Just Add Accessories

“Not trying too hard” is the order of the day with 2016’s holiday hairstyles. A glance at the red carpet will show you celebrities stepping out in messy chignons, half knots, half-up buns, and the occasional braided crown. This is good news for everyone who’s going straight work-to-party, or those of us who don’t have time to hit the salon on the day of their scheduled festivities. YouTube is your best friend both when it comes to looking for great holiday hairstyles, and walking yourself through doing them. In fact, typing in “holiday 2016 hairstyles” will get you some great tutorials for a variety of hair types, from medium length to natural hair to curly hair and more.


Another classic and easy way to make your ‘do holiday party appropriate is to accessorize with festive clips, ribbons, or barrettes. Vogue has some gorgeous examples to inspire you, and then you can find much more affordable accessories in certain mall boutiques or on Etsy. Our favorite holiday hair accessories have to be incorporating glittering ribbons into your braids, rustic hairbands using natural themes like holly and faux-wood, and gem-encrusted hair combs. 

 Glitter and Spice Make Holiday Makeup Nice



There are just about two ways to go with holiday party make-up: try a neutral palette when you prefer focus to be drawn to your outfit, or go glam with bold eye makeup and bright lips.  

 Our Favorite Fall Eyeshadow Trends is a good place to start with what color combinations are in style; just edge toward glittery colors rather than mattes, and privilege a metallic smoky eye over anything restrained. For your lips, red is queen during these cold winter nights. If you’re wary of a bright red matte, try a juicy cranberry or a metallic burgundy lip.

 Finally, for the pièce de résistance: give your skin a glowing radiance with shimmering body powder. Who doesn’t want to be a gleaming human-shaped star or the Snow Queen warming up at a holiday party? I know I want to shine!

Jump in the comments and tell us all about your go-to holiday fashion, or what beauty surprises you’ve cooked up for this year’s holiday parties!  

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