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28 Mar '16

Easy Fishtail Halo Braid By Barefoot Blonde

Posted by ISA Professional in diy, fashion, hairstyle

Fishtail Halo Braid By Barefoot Blonde

Who doesn't love to change their hairstyle once in a while? There are so many ways to change things up, the most obvious being dyeing or cutting, but in the end we just want our hair to look great. There is no need to be so drastic just to have a fresh new look. A nice up-do or a cute braid can accomplish this with relative ease. Now, I know not all of us are pros at braiding, some of us are honestly down right bad at it, especially when braiding our own hair. But don't let this discourage you because the key to a good braid is, like most things, all about practice.

So where do we start? There a so many braids to choose from, some more complex than others, so we figured we'd show you a simple yet great instructional video from one of our favorite bloggers, Amber Fillerup AKA Barefoot Blonde. In this video, Amber will expertly show you how to do a Fishtail Halo braid in the simplest way possible. If you've seen her website, and we know that you have, you know that Amber always has the cutest hairstyles and braids. Thankfully she has filled her YouTube channel with lots of instructional videos and tons of other interesting stuff .

Let's check out this awesome tutorial and get to practicing our braiding skills so we too can sport gorgeous braids!



Wasn't that awesome and super easy? Having the choice of going milkmaid or halo just makes this an amazingly versatile and super cute braid . Don't forget to come back periodically to check out our blog for more essential tips and inspiration for hair and makeup.

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