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08 Aug '17

Favorite Braids of 2017

Fave Braids 2017

The year 2017 might not be over, but the gorgeous work we've seen from stylists all year round has made it impossible to pick the best so we jumped the gun a little and we're naming our favorites early! No worries though. Many more to come! I know you are as excited as we are about this, because honestly we're kind of obsessed too. So let's check out these gorgeous styles by master stylists.

Big Hair with Clean Braid


This look is a perfect juxtaposition of wild and controlled. While the hair is big and makes a bold statement the braid is clean and compliments it perfectly. Check out this and so many other styles and colors by the impressive Tiffany Jo. We certainly can't get enough!

Colorful Crown


This queen's crown is built-in! This style is bold and beautiful in equal measure, bringing tons of attitude to the table. This style pretty much tells the world "I know exactly what I want and how to get it". It is confidence made hairstyle! And who wouldn't be confident in their hair when it was styled by the Queen of Color herself: Iris. Her Instagram show the work  of a true pro who is satisfied with nothing but the best and doesn't rest until that is achieved. Just take a looks at her flawless body of work and you'll be convinced.

The Bigger The Better


This look is almost effortless, it's almost like a rough sketch of a braid, in the best possible way. The way this braid is outlined gives it a fresh and loose feel, while being very structured and purposeful at the same time. The color matches this large braid perfectly. They both feel like you've seen them in a dream before and when you wake up all you know is you need to have it! If that need for gorgeous hair ever becomes overwhelming then you know Alexandra Lee can make it come true.

Accessories all around

A post shared by Hair (@maggiemh) on


If you read our blog often then you know that we are into hair accessories, hard. That makes the reason why we picked this look pretty obvious. But can you blame us? No, you can't, because it looks so good! Make sure you follow Maggie and drop her a comment telling her how awesome her braids are. If you're getting married in Arizona or know someone who is, now you know where to send them for a timeless hairstyle !

We hope you enjoyed checking out these looks, heck we know you did because great minds think alike. Leave us a comment and tell us what else you'd would like us to cover!

20 Feb '17

4 Undercut Hair Inspirations

Do You Dare? Undercut Inspo 

If you’re constantly glued to Instagram then you know that more and more stylists are gravitating to creating daring looks. Whether it’s rainbow hair or intricate braids, you can always count on these artists to share their work and give you serious hair goals. The current trend we’re loving is the undercut movement and it’s not hard to see why. This is a hair cut that doesn’t follow the rules and allows the client to get creative with a design of their own. This style is surprisingly practical if you’re worried about work because you can simply hide it by letting your hair down. It’s also a hairstyle where only the bold need apply and to be honest, we’re considering getting under the trimmer ourselves! Below are some of our favorite hair tattoo work by amazing stylists:

Undercut Top Bun 



One of the benefits of an undercut style is the ability to tie your hair up and really let the work stand out. This look by @agadondzik does just that by incorporating a top bun with this detailed cut! We also love the blonde color contrasted against the brown hair tattoo, don’t you?  

Personalized Undercut 


A photo posted by B.K Style (@b.k_bescene) on


Are you considering getting an undercut but don’t know how to personalize it? Take an example from @b.k_scene work and let your astrological sign do the talking! We love how clean these lines came out and the lotus flower is the icing on the cake!  

Glittery Undercut 



Another way to take your under cut to the next level is adding some glitter details and @gitty_und_goeff has created one of our favorite looks to date! Just apply some chunky and colored glitter of your choice and you’ve got a perfect look for your next music festival.

Would you dare take the plunge and get an undercut? Which style would you go for?

01 Aug '16

Braid the Day Away: Our Favorite Braided Hairstyles

Best Braid Hairstyles

Brunette with Beautiful Braids ISA Professional

Braiding can be an art-form all in it's own. Or it can be a quick way to give you and your hairstyle a bit of a change. From casual, low-key occasions to formal events, the right braid can take your style to the next level.

There are so many places to get ideas for braids, just browsing thorough Pinterest can be supremely overwhelming. While you can always check out our Pinterest profile for of the best hairstyle ideas and top outfits of 2016, we wanted to share a few of our personal favorite braided hairstyles with you here. In order to do braids well, it all comes down to practice and technique. A lot of people give up on braiding their own hair because it "ever comes out as nice" as when they braid other people's hair. While braiding a friend's hair is always simpler there isn't always someone around to help, that's why practicing the same braid over and over again is crucial. Once you understand the proper technique, mastering it via practice is the only way to get perfect results. Because of, that we're going to include videos by some of our favorite YouTubers who truly know what they are doing. So the next time you're looking for a new and comfortable hairstyle for the gym or something to make you stand out, you'll know just where to look.

Like most things, braids turn out better with a bit of planning. Starting with clean hear is obviously ideal, that way your braids wont looks weighed down by natural grease. Using day old hair is ideal, that means you have straightened your hair but have given it enough time to slightly return to it's natural shape. Combing your hair out before braiding is also a must, your hair should be completely tangle free so you can have ideal results. Braiding can also be a bit harsh to your hair since you are tying and twisting it after all. Try to braid when your hair is healthy and shiny and always give your hair a little extra TLC before and after using a braided hairstyle. A deep conditioning or an intense argan oil treatment can save your hair from breakage and other damage that could result from the braiding process.

Become Gorgeous

The Waterfall Braid is one of our favorites of all times. It is extremely versatile and gorgeous making it ideal for so many occasions. This video show us just how simple and surprisingly quick it can be.


Carly Bybel

The Dutch braid and French braid are the ones everyone should master. These will serve to develop your technique so you can move on to the more complicated styles. In this video, Carly explains the proper technique very clearly and efficiently with excellent camera work so that you can see exactly how to do it right.

We hope you liked the hairstyles and found the videos helpful. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


02 Jul '16

Wendy Tran's Gorgeous Makeup Looks this Summer

Wendy Tran's (@berry_wendy) Summer Makeup

We just love going through the Instagram profiles of so many talented makeup artists. It seems like the beautiful makeup looks are infinite and it's become our main source of makeup inspiration. This week we want to showcase a makeup artist who has caught our eye and captured our interest with her clean and chic summer looks. Wendy Tran's talent shines through on every one of her balanced and masterfully finished looks. While you probably won't be wearing these looks to go to the beach, they are spot on for going to the office or attending a nice summer party.


A photo posted by Wendy Tran (@berry_wendy) on


This look has a deep, almost grape colored lipstick, that pairs nicely with her clean foundation and smoked eyes. Even though it is a darker look, she brings a lightness to it that makes it fit for daytime.


A photo posted by Wendy Tran (@berry_wendy) on


We just love the eyes in this look, a more serious and sultry style that is applied so cleanly and on point that it looks light and almost effortless. Her foundation work and blending is sublime!


A photo posted by Wendy Tran (@berry_wendy) on


This may be one of our favorite makeup looks of the summer and we're actually wearing it right now! The color blending in this look is superb and we don't know about you, but we are suckers for a matte pink lipstick! This look hits all the points you want it to and we just love it.


A photo posted by Wendy Tran (@berry_wendy) on


For this final look we have drama, color and confidence all packed into a looks that is gorgeously on point. The pop of yellow in the corner adds a perfect contrast to the darkness of the look, lifting it to another level.

Let us know how much you enjoyed this post in the comments and keep dropping in for more!

28 Mar '16

Easy Fishtail Halo Braid By Barefoot Blonde

Fishtail Halo Braid By Barefoot Blonde

Who doesn't love to change their hairstyle once in a while? There are so many ways to change things up, the most obvious being dyeing or cutting, but in the end we just want our hair to look great. There is no need to be so drastic just to have a fresh new look. A nice up-do or a cute braid can accomplish this with relative ease. Now, I know not all of us are pros at braiding, some of us are honestly down right bad at it, especially when braiding our own hair. But don't let this discourage you because the key to a good braid is, like most things, all about practice.

So where do we start? There a so many braids to choose from, some more complex than others, so we figured we'd show you a simple yet great instructional video from one of our favorite bloggers, Amber Fillerup AKA Barefoot Blonde. In this video, Amber will expertly show you how to do a Fishtail Halo braid in the simplest way possible. If you've seen her website, and we know that you have, you know that Amber always has the cutest hairstyles and braids. Thankfully she has filled her YouTube channel with lots of instructional videos and tons of other interesting stuff .

Let's check out this awesome tutorial and get to practicing our braiding skills so we too can sport gorgeous braids!



Wasn't that awesome and super easy? Having the choice of going milkmaid or halo just makes this an amazingly versatile and super cute braid . Don't forget to come back periodically to check out our blog for more essential tips and inspiration for hair and makeup.

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