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03 Jan '17

New Year 2017 Fashion and Style

Posted by ISA Professional

New Year Style: Now Be You

Let’s be up front about one thing: 2016 was a hellacious year for a bunch of people. Emphasis on hell. But you know what? We’re past that. We kept walking. And now we’re done with 2016. It’s been put to bed.  

Hail to 2017, my friends! Hail to new beginnings and a socially blessed season for starting over. Winter is a great time for reflection - self-reflection, of course, but also reflection on the world. On those we consider our heroes. On what our heroes wear, and whether they can inspire us to become more ourselves.  

 Your appearance is not all you are in this world, but it is a tool that can be used to influence your world. How you choose to wear your hair, how you choose to wear or not wear makeup, the clothing you select - these things can be self-expression or armor or a prayer. Taking style cues from your heroes might just help you feel more heroic, and give you a place to start building your own style in the world.

Think about it. While you do, take a look at some of our most admired entertainment and style icons.



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 Queen Bey needs no introduction, or she shouldn’t: she’s been creating popular and powerful music for almost two decades. She’s used that power to influence social change, embracing the term “feminist” and spreading its definition far and wide. She’s also made powerful statements regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, with her most recent project Lemonade.

 Beyoncé is also a queen of style, who understands how to work presentation - her stage costumes are carefully chosen to convey specific attitudes, desirability, fierceness, and more. Her personal style is as canny, chosen with deliberation and risks freely taken - from red carpet couture to 90’s throwback styles to flower child reminiscent outfits. Beyoncé can teach you how to define yourself and embrace yourself. She has a mercurial style, but YouTube and Google can easily help you find makeup tutorials and match outfits to channel your inner Queen Bey.


 Audrey Hepburn | ISA Professional

Audrey Hepburn may no longer be with us, but she burns brightly from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Her style and beauty are timeless, and that beauty wasn’t just skin deep. Hepburn spent much of World War II under German occupation in the Netherlands and, while luckier than most, this experience profoundly marked her. She used her later fame and fortune in pursuit of humanitarian ideals, particularly to fight the plight of children in war-torn places.  

Audrey’s heyday may be a half century gone, but her combination of elegant and tomboyish looks are just as suitable today as they were in the 50’s. There are hundreds of makeup tutorials on YouTube to help you capture her sleek looks (some of which require a flatiron, and might we suggest this one?) There are even sites dedicated to helping you put together an Audrey-inspired wardrobe. Just check this one out at Who What Wear: “12 Pieces for an Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Wardrobe.” Audrey’s looks can give you poise and elevate your mood




 Fan Bingbing is a celebrated Chinese actress, whose striking style and philanthropic work have captured international attention. Not only did she achieve prestige early in her acting career, but she also began giving back to her community - opening an arts school in 2008, and then becoming strongly involved in Heart Ali, a project helping children suffering from congenital heart disease in Tibet. Fan has also been lauded as an international fashion icon, from her 2010 appearance in a “Dragon Robe” on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet to being honored for her style by Vanity Fair and Elle.

Fan’s style is as mutable as it is fashionable, playing on the forward edge of couture. She’s as comfortable in the sleek lines of a fine black suit as she is marrying wildly differing textiles in a single outfit - like a colorful skirt featuring geometric shapes with a muted appliqué sweater. Her hairstyles and makeup likewise vary from casual, natural looks to chic glamour. She also uses fashion to honor her cultural heritage; let her example inspire you to embrace both yourself and where you come from! Check YouTube for Fan Bingbing makeup tutorials, and explore Google Images for outfit inspiration. 



A photo posted by The White House (@whitehouse) on


 Ellen Degeneres recently accepted the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama for being cute as a stylish button. Okay, that’s not true - although she is stylish and adorable. Ellen has been recognized for her tenacious bravery in support of LGBT rights although she has personally suffered for her openness. Yet she persevered to build a strong media career, and has dedicated part of her resources to humanitarian work and social activism.

Ellen’s style has been described as dapper and smooth, which are adjectives we can all use in our lives from time to time. She tends to rock relaxed three piece suits, sometimes switching out for a vest or sweater. She avoids bright colors for earthtones or cooler shades. For all that her style is simple and clean, it actually calls for some investment in tailored clothing to pull off - as dapperQ explains in their style icon piece on Ellen. Seeking to reflect the better qualities of Ellen Degeneres in your personal style is also a great excuse to get that pixie cut!

Now that we’ve shared some of favorite ladies with you, we’d love to hear from you: who do you admire? Can their style jumpstart a new beginning for your new year, building your confidence? 

We hope so. Because for 2017, here are three important words to remember:



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ISA Professional Heat resistant curling glove for hair curler flat iron hair straightener
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